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Acuna ....LOVE watching that boy play baseball
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Spring Training takes from Braves Facebook members that wandered onto Twitter:

1. Fried shouldn’t be in the rotation.
2. Anderson, Muller, and Wilson are not top prospects.
Hernandez should be the opening day starter.
3. Freeman is selfish.
4. Acuña doesn’t hustle.
#Braves 😬😳

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@TheAthleticATL @JeffSchultzATL It’s a shame we never saw Freeman healthy with JD. Oh, what could have been for #Braves

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Snitker should have been fired for forcing Frederick Charles to go through that. This pisses me off. #Braves

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It was my honor to MC the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, banquet. Former #Braves player, Sid Bream, was the speaker. He is a really nice guy, and his message touched my heart. ” In the end, the only thing that matters is, do we know Jesus.” Thank you, Sid, for that reminder.

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05/10/1995: rookie Chipper Jones hit this home run (the 2nd of his career) and made this catch.
#Braves #SheaStadium @1990sBaseball @AmazinShea

Career at Shea Stadium:
.313 BA, .407 OBP, .557 SLG & a .964 OPS with 19 homers in 323 at bats over 88 games.

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#baseball Links to ATLANTA BRAVES websites #Atlanta #Braves #MLB #websites

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#FantasyBaseball MLB cheat codes starting to be put up on the site. Come check them out. #MLB #AtlantaBraves #braves #cheatcodesports

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When Kyle Wright hits his stride, he’s *really* gonna hit his stride, predicts one teammate.

Is this the year Wright establishes himself on #Braves?

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So this is all it takes to get blocked by @keithlaw. Careful #Braves fans. Seriously though, I didn’t even make a personal attack on you. All I said was I normally value your opinion but this time you are way off.

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@keithlaw @Gmoneyball101 @TheAthleticMLB I’ve never seen you so far off on a player, Keith. Waters is one of the most talented prospects in the #Braves system. Not having him inside your top 100 when MLB has him as 26 overall makes you look quite incompetent and we know you aren’t THAT incompetent.

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If we lose Freddie Freeman I’m out. Know that #Braves

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The #Braves future was on display today as Cristian Pache and Drew Waters combined to drive in three runs today in #SpringTraining.

Here's where each ranks on the #Top100Prospects list:

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Sports Photos! #Braves at #BlueJays:

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People are over and under-reacting to this Freddie news. Until I hear more, I’ll take the man at his word & you should to. My breakdown: he was trying to stay on the field & took it too far. With good health ahead, I hope for twitter’s sake & Freddie’s, this was isolated. #Braves

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Well if this isn’t the sweetest 🥰 #Braves #SpringTraining

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Can’t wait to see Cristian Pache @cristianpache25 in action this Spring! #Braves #SpringTraining #BaseBall #MLB

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#Braves legendary CF thinks Pache, Waters have the goods; and about that Langeliers cannon, and all those 6-foot-6 prospects/mountains in camp....

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From Braves camp: Andruw Jones on Cristian Pache, Drew Waters; catchers shine @DOBrienATL

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#Braves have pair of OFs, pair of catchers among their top prospects, and at least one of each could be long-term difference makers

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@SeanJ8 His commitment to this team is exemplary. Glad Freddie is our captain. #Braves

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trolling #braves fans over spring training performance is more fun than watching actual braves baseball.

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Jesus. #Braves

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This is all just yikes

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@JeffSchultzATL @TheAthleticATL @ballcardz @jvickery55 When will your new sideline report begin to report? Lack of fan interaction right now. #braves #mlb #baseball

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Updated available cards. #baseballcards #braves

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@Kelly_Crull I think I remember you from when you were in Oklahoma when I was living there! Welcome to the Braves! #ChopOn #Braves

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@byeweek1014 @brandon_braves1 @n8_string @DOBrienATL i been a #braves fan since before you were born buddy

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Some standout #prospect performances for today:

#Giants: Joey Bart - 2/3, R
#Reds: Jonathan India - BB, RBI
#Marlins: JJ Bleday - 1/2, RBI, R
#Braves: Drew Waters - 1/3, 2 RBI
#Braves: Christian Pache - 1/3, RBI

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@DanMckewen @RaysBaseball Not sure I'll be going to any @RaysBaseball games this year....
Can't envision paying for a product the owner doesn't really want me to have.
Might swing the trip to ATL for a few weekends instead...3 more hrs each way but at least they appreciate the fans.... #Braves

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Saying goodbye to Milwaukee County Stadium, the home of the Braves from ‘53-‘65, the Brewers from ‘70-‘00 and the White Sox for select home games in ‘68 & ‘69. Music by @OfficialFilter 🔊

#MLB #baseball #stadiums #Milwaukee #Braves #Brewers #ThisIsMyCrew #Wisconsin #sports #love

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Blue Jays defeat Braves in first game at renovated spring stadium By: Lukas Weese (@Weesesports ) #bluejays #braves

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For Day 15 of the #SpringTrainingChallenge, a card we've never seen before.

I parked next to this man's car (Audi station wagon) for 7 years in Atlanta. Always had baseball gear in the back. Long time bench coach for Bobby Cox, but never saw an actual card of his.

#Braves #Reds

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The #Braves' Freddie Freeman took two painkillers before almost every game for six weeks, but not too close to game time because “It would make my vision go kind of blurry.” @TheAthleticATL @TheAthleticMLB

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I have Pache, Waters and Anderson cards. 1 of each. Would anyone be interested in them? They are not certified but I assure you they’re authentic. I got them signed in Durham last year. DM if interested. #Braves #baseballcards

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Sources: podcast tonight @BTRowland @TalkingChop

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We have a feeling we'll be debating this one for a while.

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Reunited after 10 days apart 🥰

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For those of you wondering how hard Acuña swings, fires out of the box & gets down the line on a routine ground ball... #DugoutView

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