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Catching up on the 1st game of ST ... #Braves #ChopOn #ForTheA

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@Braves #playfortheA is lame as shit and so is the name Truist Park.....why are you spineless fucks killing off everything #ChopOn MFers🤷‍♂️

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@Jeff_Donahoo Sorry but the hawks and Falcons just plain suck. Who gives a shit! Time to #ChopOn baby!

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thanks for the picture and signature 🙌 @ashahahmadi #biggestfan #allfly #chopon

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Life is so much bigger than baseball (Evidence here) but, dang I’m so glad baseball is back- even if it is just spring training. @Braves #ChopOn

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@MLB @Jack9Flaherty I can’t wait to destroy this guy this season. #ChopOn

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I hate how annoying the #Hawks fans are but I can’t get to mad cause that’s how we are as #Braves fans hahaha, Atlanta fans on twitter are wild. #MFFL #ChopOn

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Just ordered a new @LieutenantDans7 shirt for the season. #ChopOn

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@Braves Spring Training Opening Day @CoolToday_Park was awesome! Can’t wait for the season to kick off! #ChopOn #ForTheA #BravesST

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☑️ @Braves win first preseason game

☑️ @UGABasketball hits a game winning shot to beat Vandy

☑️ @BaseballUGA walks off in 12 innings

☑️ @ATLHawks get a come-from-behind win over Dallas.

Pretty good sports day!

#chopon #godawgs #atl

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Indians- 23
Buffaloes- 91


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Apaches improve to 10-5 on the year after a 3 game sweep of Murray State College! 🧹🧹🧹 #ChopOn

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Okay, #BravesCountry, I found a nifty set of coasters from Curaçao at an old antique store and added them to my home bar. It’s kind of obscure, but it reminded me of Andruw, Andrelton, Ozzie and the boys. #ChopOn

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I wish I could watch the @Braves where I live without having to pay almost 200 bucks when I would only get to watch some of the games anyway due to my work schedule :/ #FirstWorldProblems #ChopOn #ForTheA #Braves damn living right next to Cincinnati...

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Chop On. Sgo Braves. #ChopOn

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@CaptainWalkways Awesome ! Thank you for the chance! #ChopOn #ForTheA

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End of 3rd
Indians- 18
Buffaloes- 79


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Thanks to the sweetest fan who is apparently a @hornets & @Braves fan ☺️👏🏼⭐️ I was literally in shock haha and SO incredibly flattered!

You made my night! ... also I feel like I owe you money if they charge by the letter 😂😂😂

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@RKjune31 If you can afford them.... Why not????? #ChopOn

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Full thoughts Braves shutout O’s 5-0. Hernandez and Davidson make great 1st impression... via @YouTube #BravesFam #ChopOn #ForTheA

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Braves win spring opener. Lot’s of great 1st impressions #BravesFam #ChopOn #ForTheA ❤️⚾️💙

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Yes! My last @Braves sweatshirt is from our ‘95 World Series. My dad and I had the same one. He passed in 2002 and I’ll still always wear it, but ready to add a new one! #ChopOn

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@Braves Why isn’t Andruw Jones number retired? Get it done. #chopon

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Indians- 13
Buffaloes- 53


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End of 1st
Indians- 5
Buffaloes- 30


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That sweet face ❤️

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Double Bobblehead giveaway, BJ and mystery...US residents only, follow and retweet by 2/29 8 PM.. Good luck and #ChopOn #FortheA

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Dam good day for sports in Georgia #godawgs #chopon

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@Reflog_18 Favorite Baseball Player Ever

C: Brian McCann
1B: Freddie Freeman
2B: Ozzie Albies
3B: Johan Camargo
SS: Dansby Swanson
LF: Ronald Acuña Jr.
CF: Ender Inciarte
RF: Nick Markakis
DH: David Ortiz (why not)
SP: Mike Soroka
RP: Mark Melancon

#ForTheA #ChopOn #Braves

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#ChopOn #BravesFam I’ll take all the Heat for this...But these 2 Need to be in the Outfield with Acuna soon if we are gonna win a World Series! #BabyBraves

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First W of 2020 in the books.

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One spring training game is all of the proof that I need to determine that the @Braves are going 173-0 in 2020. #ForTheA #ChopOn

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The Crime Dog's message to @Braves players today:

"Guys, I'm gonna tell you like this: All I know is the Braves got one championship ring and that's the 1995 (one). So you guys need to do something this year." 😤

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"He's on a different level."

@andruwjones25 discusses @ronaldacunajr24 and working with this @Braves coaching staff.

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