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I just realized that I made my first trip without posting things on Instagram. It will soon follow the same fate as my Facebook account: deletion. #DeleteFacebook

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@SallyWi33850197 @gletherby After the election I couldn’t wait to just #DeleteFacebook - it’s toxic. If I want a more compassionate and caring society, I want to reconnect like the old days, talk to my friends, not text or post to them. Twitter is great for lively debate minus the bot interference - block

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@pattibuff My #DeleteFacebook moment came in July, 2018. I spend less time here, and I generally use it to read--books and actual newspapers--and to write. I feel good having walked away from such a pernicious force in the world. (I spend far less time here on Twitter.)

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This is pretty much gonna be it for me on @facebook. As if your service isn’t one landmine after another with personal triggers in memories, you want to scare me into good health. This company and the data they’re collecting is dangerous.

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Funny he's so into his personal privacy but makes money off of selling everyone else's. #FuckZuck #DeleteFacebook

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Mark Zuckerberg purchased all four homes surrounding his house in order to ensure his privacy, for a total of $30 million.

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#Facebook is blitzing people at risk for #HIV with lies about the safety of #PrEP, a critical prevention medication. Facebook refuses to stop the ads, many of which don't even LOOK like ads. Shockingly, they refuse RESPONSIBLE ads. Check this out! —>

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@MikeH_PR Unless they can come up with a verifiable web site address, accounts, transparency of funding and an endorsement from official Labour, they are Facebook trolls with no authenticity whatsoever & about as substantial seven sisters chalk cliffs in their header image. #deletefacebook

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@marie_kate2 @markcurtis30 Got rid of fbook too yest. Feel liberated.

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@jfinn6511 People just need to #DeleteFacebook. Take away the people there is no one there to see ads to click on and Facebook losses money. They can’t do what’s right hit them where it hurts. Right in the wallet.

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A Facebook Philippic - You Can Stop Them Exploiting Your Data. Blog. Click  Please retweet. #Crypto   #DeleteFacebook

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And you thought #DeleteFacebook was bad?
According to new research from the University of Southern California and Indiana University, up to 15 percent of Twitter accounts are in fact bots rather than people.

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My Content will never Die, unless I'm actually Dead.

P.S - If I were to suddenly pass away, repost this and tell everyone how I was the most Creative Person ever Alive.

#funny #funnytweets #SaveOurData #DeleteFacebook #BlackFriday2019 #haha #hehe #sunday #SundayMorning

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"Facebook ads are spreading lies about anti-HIV drug PrEP. The company won't act: Advocates fear such ads could roll back decades of hard-won progress against HIV/Aids and are calling on Facebook to change its policies."


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Trends 2019


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Follow on instagram 👉 2019_simran_koundl.. DM me there for nude..
#Instagram #DeleteFacebook #MamangamFestFromDec12 #SundayFunday #sexy

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@skynews @skygillian Facebook is just a platform used for grooming. Political adverts need to be properly regulated. #DeleteFacebook

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🇺🇸⚖️🗽🔥 #Disinfo2020 How GREEDY FaceBook polarizes voters, promotes DIVISION and help #TrumPutin Mobocracies destroy Democracy
#OneVoice1 #BlueWave #Resistance #VoteBlue #Resisters #ResistersUnite #ForThePeople

🔥 #DeleteFacebook RT this👇👇 far & wide!

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New study reveals that @Facebook ad delivery algorithms make it more expensive for political candidates or campaigns to target users with different political preferences, exacerbating filter bubbles & distorting political discourse. Read the full findings:

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@FrBower @AlexWodak Sorry to be a PITA. Is there a less malignant link to the full video? 🙏

Would really love to watch it but not willing to use Facebook Inc. products under any circumstances. #DeleteFacebook

Thanks in advance!!

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@CNNPolitics Breitbart a trusted news source according to Facebook. #DeleteFacebook

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I just #DeleteFacebook and all the other related apps. May have to start blogging to get out all my thoughts. #LifeAfterFacebook

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@faizashaheen I have #DeleteFacebook for this very reason. I urge others to do the same.

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This is why your Facebook ads are creepy as hell.

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Facebook Shuts Down Mom for Sharing Christmas Bible Passages

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@RixxGnR We won’t get it now, but we need a serious rethink of our elections process. There must be no Russian interference and I think they need to do something about BOTS. I think lying in an election campaign should have serious consequences.

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Facebook made it clear that if you share or post content that describes certain racial, ethnic or cultural groups using negative stereotypes, racially charged slurs, then your account will be suspended– with one exception: derogatory content about Muslims

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