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The transcript is "perfect?"
What does that even mean? NOTHING! It's like a "non denial denial."
The issue is whether it is Proper to withhold funding from a foreign country until they do something for you.

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More of this please and thank you! Gym needs to face his complicity to child sex abuse! @RepAdamSchiff @Jim_Jordan @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerPelosi #GymJordanKnew #GymJordanResign #ImpeachmentHearings

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A referee says Dr. Richard Strauss masturbated in front of him in a shower after a wrestling match at Ohio State University. The referee reported the encounter to Rep. Jim Jordan, then a wrestling coach.

He claims Jordan replied, "Yeah, that's Strauss."

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Shout-out to @Lawrence for exposing @Jim_Jordan on @TheLastWord for the disgusting perverted piece of shit #GymJordan knowing about sexual abuse & doing nothing to stop it. #GymJordanResign #JimJordanKnew #JimJordanResign #JimJordanLies #JimJordanMustResign #JimJordanMustGo

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@Jim_Jordan If only you defended those students. #GymJordanResign

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@DebraOntiveroz @chrislhayes It should be covered every single day!! #GymJordanResign

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As a constituent of @Jim_Jordan...I am going to continue to call his offices & demand he resign & also hold a town hall to face his constituents for being the disgusting perverted piece of shit he is! Stop hiding & man the fuck up #GymJordan! #GymJordanResign #GymJordanKnew

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Jordan is implicated up to his eyeballs in the sexual abuse scandal at OSU.
No secret there.
All of Congress knows.
His fellow Repubs know.
The whole damn world knows.
Yet, he was chosen as the POINT man on the impeachment hearings for Trump.
WHAT were these Repubs thinking?

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Thank you @chrislhayes for your coverage of #gymjordan and his complicit role in the sexual abuse of hundreds of young men! As a mandated reporter, he turned a blind eye!! #GymJordanResign #GymJordanKnew

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Shout-out to @chrislhayes for showing & exposing the truth about @Jim_Jordan tonight on @allinwithchris! Keep on exposing him for what & who he is! #GymJordan #GymJordanResign #GymJordanKnew #JimJordanKnew #JimJordanResign #JimJordanLies #JimJordanBetrayedWrestlers #JimJordan

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@allinwithchris #GymJordan can’t seem to stop talking, but he won’t tell,us what happened in those showers
#JimJordanKnew #GymJordan #GymJordanResign

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Go ahead and be a jerk!
That will take away any credibility when it comes to the boys on the wrestling team.

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@erichards24 A complicit pervert because he let it go on and never said anything about it to anyone!

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Once again, I repeat. Schiff should pull a page out of the Trump playbook and bring all of the Ohio State men who are suing due to Jim Jordan's cowardice and seat them directly in his sight line at the public hearings.

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@DaBirdDaPlane I agree! These young men are long overdue their justice! The wheels of justice are slow to turn but eventually justice, hopefully, will prevail. #GymJordanKnew #GymJordanResign

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This rat needs to resign, not be put in the impeachment hearing.
His only goal will be to push propaganda & lies

@HouseDemocrats @SpeakerPelosi
Why is a pedophile enabler still representing Ohio?

Over 200 young men have come forward

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@blueheartedly So true. He is a barely articulate THUG who refuses to man up over his EPIC FAILURE to protect and defend sex abuse victims at Ohio State. Has his head fully up trump's arse. His mini-me act reflects an inability to think and to honor his Oath of Office.

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Read the Transcript. It is PERFECT!

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🤕🐘 GOP lawmakers expect Jim Jordan to turn impeachment hearings into a spectacle: ‘You want your best contributors for showtime’ 🐘🤕

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Time for @Jim_Jordan to head for the showers.

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Looks like #DevinNunes is not up to the job of defending the indefensible & is on the way out. #JimJordan has experience in defending criminality as he did when he was a wrestling coach & young men on his team were being sexually assaulted by the team doc

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