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Calls grow for Jim Jordan to resign over refusal to confront sexual misconduct as #JimJordanKnew trends | Raw Story. I just want him to answer the question victims keep asking me.

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@Denton21990 @Kelley4AL #JimJordanKnew

Anyone who's character is suspect on this level should be removed.
Equally people with drinking records..should also be removed and NEITHER should contribute to any judicial issue.

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Same here !!💯💯 Resign!!! #JimJordanResign

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Meanwhile, again.....

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@GOPLeader @Jim_Jordan @RepRickCrawford Good one. Will he wear his wrestling uniform? Since he is so good at ignoring wrong going on in front of him, he will be a perfect fit. #JimJordanResign #JimJordanBetrayedWrestlers #JimJordanKnows he knows now too!

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@GeoffRBennett @DVJakeL @NBCNightlyNews Unfortunately, as someone who is familiar with Jim Jordan’s character, this sadly doesn’t surprise me. #JimJordanKnows #ResignJim

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@politico Yep @Jim_Jordan is great to have in your corner when you need a coverup or someone willing to look 👀 the other way... talk about “do nothings”.. ummm... that would be #GymJordan #JimJordanKnew #JimJordanCoverUpCrimes #JimJordanKnows

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As a resident of Ohio & an American who values public decency & rule of law, I call on GOP Congressman Jim Jordan to resign his office forthwith.
New evidence shows Jordan willfully ignored multiple credible allegations of sex abuse by Dr. Richard Strauss at Ohio State Univ.

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@Jim_Jordan No coup. BTW, u have your own legal issues to deal with #JimJordanKnows #JimJordanResign

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Jim Jordan has no right but to be behind bars‼️
Just for a second, put yourself in the place where the victims or their families are or have gone through.
Don’t you want to do something⁉️
Just spread the words.

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Have I mentioned I'm into wrestling, Saunas, and locker rooms? 🏳️‍🌈🐷🍆💦


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@Jim_Jordan @RepAdamSchiff Instead of WRESTLING with this on Twitter, shouldn't you be GRAPPLING with the job at hand. JERKING your 'brain' into action and then SHOWERING us with your thoughts?

Sorry, my bad, I forgot that all you do is whine instead of work

#JimJordanKnows #JimJordanResign

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@Jim_Jordan @realDonaldTrump Don’t you have a child molestation to cover up??? Or commit?? #ExtortionistTrump #LockThemAllUp #JimJordanKnows

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@Jim_Jordan If only you had the same strength in character as the whistleblower 100’s of young men would have been spared the devastation of being sexually molested.

Resign #JimJordanKnew #JimJordanKnows #JimJordanResign

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A sexual-assault enabler says what?

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My experience with Jim Jordan is minimal compared to the 200 men that he turned a blind eye who were sexually assaulted.

But this behavior speaks to his character.

I was NOT aware of his joking & laughing until after the hearing; I was focused on my testimony.


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Folks, we all know why @jim_jordan did NOTHING to protect the dozens of teen boys who were sexually molested under his watch. Jordan got off on it. He thought it was one big joke. Jordan is as perverted as the OSU doctor who committed the abuse.
#JimJordanKnew #JimJordanResign

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@Jim_Jordan is a pervert who 😳 looked the other way while a doctor abused students he was coaching. Now he’s looking the other way as a President obstructs justice and commits high crimes. KARMA please hunt down. Grab him by the balls #JimJordan #JimJordanKnows #JimJordanResign

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Calls grow for Jim Jordan to resign over refusal to confront sexual misconduct as #JimJordanKnew trends

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@Jim_Jordan @RepAdamSchiff
Care to comment on this? You need to resign and apologize the the students you were tasked to protect,
yet YOU allowed them to be sexually abused. #JimJordanKnew #GymJordanMustResign

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Calls grow for #GYMJordan to RESIGN over refusal to confront sexual misconduct as #JimJordanKnew trends

Thursday’s lawsuit, alleges a referee told Jordan the team doctor masturbated in the shower in front of him

#GOPComplicit #GOPCorruption


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Republicans only have til Saturday to request witnesses for ALL open hearings.

-@RepAdamSchiff decides WHICH witnesses testify, if any
-Schiff decides WHEN witnesses testify, if at all
-President’s counsel still excluded

Does this sound like due process?

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