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Being a cult leader takes time!

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‘I went to Jim Jordan … they did nothing’ — This former Ohio State wrestling captain is backing the claim that Rep. Jim Jordan covered up sexual abuse

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What really happened at Ohio state Jim

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@Jim_Jordan #GrovelingGymJordanKnew #JimJordanResign 🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️🚿🤼‍♀️

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@Jim_Jordan America is great as long as sex abusers enablers are put in jail! The @HouseGOP needs you to resign or they will be known as the party that allows sex abuse! #JimJordanIsACoward #JimJordanKnew #JimJordanResign

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All Democrats are Socialists. That’s what you’re saying. Dare I ask what your next divisive comment will be?

#JimJordan #JimJordanResign

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Unfortunately, the Socialist Left is not an aberration. That’s who the Democrats are today.

But America is about Freedom! It’s what makes us the greatest nation ever.

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Imagine lying about #SexualAbuse. Imagine covering up that abuse so as not to lose your scholarship.
Imagine the truth being told. You need to resign Jim, though I must say, watching you marched out of the Senate/House hearings in handcuffs would make my day.

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YOU, are one to talk, Jimbo.
Man, you're one sorry excuse for a human being. Imagine that. #JimJordan #JimJordanKnew #JimJordanIsACoward #JimJordanResign #GymJordan

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@Jim_Jordan Jim Jordan knew about repeated acts of sexual abuse of boys & young men at OSU & did nothing to stop these crimes. Kids were being molested & Jordan failed to protect them. Now he’s a congressman, allied w/ a sexual predator: Donald Trump #JimJordanResign

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@Jim_Jordan Let's investigate the whole story of how you turned a blind eye like a #Coward to kids being sexually abused. #JimJordanResign

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@Jim_Jordan Lmao...look who is talking about giving the full story. #JimJordan is a disgusting hypocrite. Jordan knew about sexual abuse at OSU,, failed to take action & is now lying to cover-up his failure to report it.

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@Jim_Jordan Oh...so you mean they want Trump because he sold them the country?

Yeah...that's more like it....


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@Jim_Jordan I guess we should care less about the nation's security.

Resign and let somebody else do your job better and with more integrity, you harmful fraud.

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Looks like they weren’t giving us the full story.

Imagine that.

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Don’t forget when CLOWN #jimjordanresign was CLOWNED by #PETERWELCH(D).

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#jimjordanresign needs to go back to his tiny village of idiots and hide.

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What do you know @Jim_Jordan about this?

You have zero foreign policy acumen
0 connection to the Jewish community
0 ethics

#JimJordanKnew about the #OSU scandal

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@Jim_Jordan @Jim_Jordan was not a good friend to ever wrestler he turned his back on...

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@Jim_Jordan Hey there Gym!!!! You knew kids were being abused and you ignored it!!! #JimJordanResign

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President Trump has been a great friend to Israel:

-Out of the Iran deal
-Embassy in Jerusalem
-Recognition of the Golan Heights
-Mid-East peace plan

And the State of Israel sure appreciates it.

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@GOPLeader When is the Republican party going to demand #JimJordanResign?

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@GOPLeader When are Republicans going to demand #JimJordanResign?

Want to talk “morals?”

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@GOPLeader When are you calling for #JimJordanResign?

Bad enough you support a career criminal, but a guy who is into molesting students?

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@Jim_Jordan And look what you did to young college men. Why are you not locked up, Gym? #JimJordanKnew #JimJordanResign

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If the FBI can target National Security professionals like K.T. McFarland and General Flynn, imagine what they can do to regular Americans.

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Please get #GaetzGraveMisconduct out of there!!! And take #jimJordanResign with him!

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“He and one other lawmaker were the only two members of the House who didn’t introduce a single bill last year.”

Jim Jordan clearly didn’t go to Washington to work for his constituents! 😡

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Here is the Navy Veteran running against Matt Gaetz. May I suggest you follow him?

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#JimJordanKnew #jimjordanresign... you got enough problems of your own Gym ... time to man up and resign scum

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@Lawrence @Jim_Jordan The question is why when it comes to Democrats accused of wrong doing they are forced to resign but Republican offenders get a pass? #ResignGymJordan #JimJordanResign

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So many problems outlined in IG Horowitz’s FISA report.

Even the FBI admitted their agents were sharing too much sensitive info with Dossier author Chris Steele!

Why won’t @RepJerryNadler bring the Inspector General before the House Judiciary Committee?

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Why was Al Franken literally run out of the senate for nothing, but no one is calling on Jim Jordan to resign? #JimJordanResign

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Jim Jordan set himself up for this one

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