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@realDonaldTrump Just 'identify' as unimpeachable. That'll stump em'. #LiberalLogic

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u know why there's even a (hashtag) #billmaher ? It's bcuz he's such a liberal lunatic, who will block ppl immediately for tweeting a disagreement with his #TrumpDerangementSyndrome views! He is an enemy of the people, who should be (but never will be) shit-canned! #LiberalLogic

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Whenever a Democrat tries to preach to you about gun control,

Just remind them that House Democrats blocked a bill that would notify ICE when an illegal immigrant fails a background check trying to buy a gun...

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@RubinReport What in tarnation??😳😳🤮 #LiberalLogic

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@ewarren When was the last time a Democrat put power “in the hands of the people”?? Their whole premise is to TAKE CONTROL of every aspect of every persons life, whether we want it or not. You want to tell us how to think, act and believe!!

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@AOC Don’t you mean...

“what’s happening right now in the USA isn’t democracy, it’s a coup!!

The people of the USA deserve free, fair and peaceful elections-not violent seizures!!”

I’m SURE that’s what you meant!!!

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Stop using children to support your stupid agenda. Please. Just stop.

#juststop #stopitalready #notheycant #biology101vsliberallogic #liberallogic

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@RepAdamSchiff @DebraMessing So now people can sue law abiding companies who had absolutely NOTHING to do with one person killing another?
Gun companies do not kill people kill other people.
#LiberalLogic #LiberalismIsAMentalDisease

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New San Francisco DA okays hookers, peeing in public. Where in the heck is 60 Minutes??? Main Stream Media REFUSES to acknowledge the MOCKERY of human existence in parts of California NOT TO MENTION THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!

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Now Democrat concerns are an impeachable offense. #LiberalLogic

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Because the constituion: "High Crimes, Misdemeanors, and Bullying". Right.

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@BepisBunkley @TexitDarling @swainstache @dangainor @HootPhD @POTUS @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump Hmm no sorry #snowflake to attacked me for supporting @DonaldJTrumpJr and his awesome book #Triggered. None the less you #LiberalLogic means you would NEVER attack @realDonaldTrump as he has NEVER tweeted to you #EnoughIsEnough #EpicFail #KAG2020

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#TuesdayThoughts #Liberals are all about #SafeSpaces and anti-guns. But yet they push gender laws so that a woman must now be doing concealed carry to feel safe when going into a women’s bathroom. #Hypocrites #LiberalLogic

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💯 Spot on column #LiberalLogic has led me to hate the #Police b/c they refuse to do their job, esp in Portland. #LiberalLunacy #DemocratsAreDangerous ⬇️
OH & #Epsteindidntkillhimself

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@EdVorst @davehodge20 Sheer lost support in eastern Canada because of his beliefs on abortion. He is catholic, so is Trudeau. Its not the same, the @CBC continues to run with a story that doesn’t exist. No one ever asked Singh about his personal religious beliefs regarding abortion #LiberalLogic

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#GaryBauersEndOfDayReport For 11/12/2019
1 - Let Trump Be Trump, #StandWithTrump
2 - #StandWitnIsrael & Defeat #IslamicJihad,
3 - Democrats Try Extortion, #LiberalLogic vs USA
4 - Speaking Of Idiots. . . #UofV bans ROTC 21 gun salute

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@BernieSanders Yet u fight more for illegql immigrants than said veterans!?!? @realDonaldTrump stuck to his promise to help veterans & inner cities from which Democrat & liberal policies created the abomination!

Ironic how u never mention the word pander, but do it so often!


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@Alyssa_Milano The parents are to blame. They forced them to come here and they failed to get them to be citizens. The parents had 12 years for the younger one—12 long years that they didn’t do anything but sit down and say ‘woe is me’ and went on with life.

#sorrynotsorry #LiberalLogic

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@chuckwoolery Didn’t you know!
We are freezing BECAUSE of Global Warming.
#duh #LiberalLogic

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Seriously. These little pukes. Why you little maggots. Cut their balls off so they cannot contaminate the rest of the free world. #snowflakes #LiberalLogic #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

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@heathermade @YD_Inversion @BobbyBlack81 @Manchvegas3 @jasper_jester @sunnyindeed @NicoleP2327 @ScottPresler @realDonaldTrump Looking at your source, the only promises trump hasn’t kept is because liberal courts and the House of Representatives undermined his ability to meet those expectations he set. #LiberalLogic at its finest.

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@_KrazyKatLady @wolfgang_joseph @Pirate543211 @martyrose6 @eileendt5 @tkdcoach @luv2bteezed @GregStohr Yeah background checks definately dont work. Which is why millions of employers in the USA and around the world spent thousands of dollars on them.
Stop letting undocumented people walk all over america and maybe the background check system would be 100% accurate

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#TuesdayThoughts #Liberals are all about #SafeSpaces and anti-guns. But yet they push gender laws so that a woman must now be doing concealed carry to feel safe when going into a woman’s bathroom. #Hypocrites #LiberalLogic

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@canhowie You mock them and their opinions because of their physical appearance. But you say you don't agree with Don Cherry's so called "racism"! Typical! #hypocrite #LiberalLogic

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@BenJackd1 @Troy89298611 @realDonaldTrump @BarackObama The same reason Trump's being impeached for bullshit charges by a democratic party hell bent on destroying the country. Bad times! #LiberalLogic

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@mkwaintoronto @VandevenneScott @theraiserswire @_eddierazo @RonMacLeanHTH @CBC Ur twitter handle says “ no one will silence me” but silencing anything that goes against ur #liberallogic is fine? You are a hypocrite. I hate hypocrisy

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@BepisBunkley @TexitDarling @swainstache @dangainor @HootPhD Typical #Democrat denies they have a television by diverting with a statement of “I Dont Have Cable” #LiberalLogic #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #ComeOnMan #DeepStateCoup #EpicFail #Triggered

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University of Virginia cancelled its 21 gun salute honoring our nation’s Veterans, because students might panic by the sound of gunfire. REALLY!When I was their age, I and others were in Vietnam hearing & making plenty of gunfire. GIVE THEM “DIAPERS” & CONTINUE THE TRADITION‼️🇺🇸

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Liberals Hate the Police

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A Pentagon official testified Trump directed a freeze on aid to Ukraine. Asked if the president was authorized to order that type of hold, Laura Cooper said there were concerns that he wasn’t.

Help us #ImpeachTrump here:

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It's time, for the Congress, the Supreme court, and the American people to acknowledge a fact.
Donald J. Trump is a bully.
All his life he has gotten everything he wants by bullying. Time to tell him NO! were not going to take it anymore!

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