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@DonaldJTrumpJr @yankeezsuk PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Trump Pence 2020


Sleepy-Joe Pocahontas 2020


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Jesus is the son of God. The leftist clowns in the Democrat party would rather worship at the altar of late term abortion, gun confiscation and socialism. #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder #MAGA #KAG #deportDemstoVenezuela

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Hey Liberals, put down your Starbucks and iPhone, and pay attention. This is what you are asking for. #Imbeciles #2A #2ndAmendment #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder #DemocratsHateAmerica #DemocratsTheEnemyWithin

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@MSNBC A partisan run witch-hunt by a known lair in congress which isn’t fair; isn’t worth the Presidents time. He’s doing the people’s work (unlike the house). #WalkAwayFromDemocrats #FakeImpeachmentHoax #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

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‘Of Course’: Warren Says She’s Willing To Spend Taxpayer Money To Take Down Parts Of Border Wall↘️

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@alex_4283 @olobolibertario @casa_rei @jcf_liberal @BernardoMBlanco @LiberalPT Você lá na Holanda, a pagar o seu seguro tem direito a uma mamografia só depois dos 40 anos e exames do câncer de colo de útero, só depois do 35 e de 5 em 5 anos!. Informe-se antes de vender #liberalismo a granel no mercado !

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#LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder... CNN's Don Lemon: Anyone who still thinks Trump did nothing wrong is 'mental'

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Lets all stand up and repeat after me
T R I G G E R E D #Triggered

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The LIBERALS are totally NUTS.

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@Jim_Jordan you are doing an AMAZING JOB SIR!!! thank you for fighting the corrupt democrats! Keep standing strong! #MAGA #KAG #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

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@alex_4283 @olobolibertario @casa_rei @jcf_liberal @BernardoMBlanco @LiberalPT Quando #sionistas #liberais #burgueses começarem a pagar em impostos ao estado destinados à saúde #SNS, o mesmo que "querem" pagar em seguros privados que na Holanda por serviços básicos de saúde são 100 euros mensais. Estais a ver como é simples e fácil ?? #LiberalHipocrisia

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@washingtonpost I don't trust anyone who would lie about their own ethnicity to be in control of the nuclear codes.


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@robereid @PalmerReport Nothing says #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder quite like this, does it? 😉

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If someone came into the room, wearing glasses and employed by CIA. Does his name have to be Eric Ciaramella to be the whistleblower? Yes, yes it does. #StopTheCoup #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder #fartgate

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@CoBeeJay_USA The rules change every day cuz liberals cannot go a day without being offended...so terminology is the weapon to destroy societal norms and insure they always have an agenda for division and categorization #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

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@federicofubini Facciamo morire i deboli e i bambini, l importante è che le banche speculino.
Siete affetti da gravissime alterazioni valoriali
I soldi valgono più della comunità.
#Italia FUORI dall'inf€rno

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@thisislaurat The Left doesn't like facts - that's why they want to live in a post-truth society. #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

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What an absolute liar! This man needs to be thrown in jail. Sondland said the exact opposite of that! He said he “presumed” not he had facts or that was said. He also said “no one on the planet” said to tie the aid to an investigation. #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

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This is liberal “tolerance” in a nutshell. They’re as tolerant as Nazis during Hanukkah. It’s crap like this that makes me yearn for a civil war. Then we can put these animals where they belong 😡 #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder #LiberalTolerance #LiberalLogic #Democrats

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And #democrats think this is acceptable behavior? #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

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@DonaldJTrumpJr How can the new President defeat Donald Trump? If he or she is the President, Donald Trump was already defeated. #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

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@afstargazer @Scavino45 #lol...maybe he would have chose #Socialism #abortion & #racism over lower unemployment
Higher wages racial equality & Protecting the the unborn?

@RepAdamSchiff show!

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All Lives Matter Sign is Racist to this Liberal Male Beater!

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They didn't block 'em all!

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The president of College Republicans was assaulted on campus at @ChicoState today for holding an “All Lives Matter” sign.

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Left-wing protesters at @UCBerkeley block a woman from entering Wheeler Hall for the @AnnCoulter event. A protester then pretends to be with the event organizers in order to steal the woman’s ticket.

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Township High School District 211 has over 11,000 students. The school board voted to allow transgender females unrestricted access to girls locker rooms. What's stopping a pervert from identifying as a woman to access the girls locker room? What ever happened to womens rights?

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If someone walks into the room carrying a soaking wet umbrella and wearing rain boots and a raincoat, do you have to see outside to conclude that it might be raining?


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Sondland confirms that the Ukraine scheme was a quid pro quo: the conditioning of official acts, a WH meeting and military aid, for something of great value to the president.

It goes right to the heart of the issue of bribery, and other potential high crimes and misdemeanors.

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Here is the video from the Battery today at @ChicoState. College Republicans across the nation experience treatment just like this on their campuses. It has to stop! @realDonaldTrump @californiafcr @scrowder @benshapiro @FoxNews @BrandonStraka

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Has anyone stopped and thought, this guy 👇 is fighting for America and the Demonrats are fighting this guy😳? So, the Demonrats must hate America🤷‍♂️. It’s the only logical conclusion👊. You have to give it to MSM, they sure have brain washed are large swath of America🤬😘

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Democrats don't want public to know origins of Ukraine probe like they didn't want public to know origins of Russia probe ⁦@ByronYork

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