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Minister, I understand why you might be confused about our bargaining position as you haven't met with us at the bargaining table.

You could meet with us. Talk to us. Visit to learn about what we want for kids.

(HINT: It's #NoCutsToEducation)

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Funny how teachers around the world are all fighting for essentially the same thing: proper funding for education! One might actually suspect that there's an international neo-con agenda to privatize and monetize public education! #NoCutsToEducation

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How to tell an @fordnation MPP has nothing? They stick limited script repeat singular details (often fake number) in response all criticism, questions and inquiries. @Sflecce get some new talking points! This one is old and untrue! #NoCutsToEducation #osstf #onpoli #onted

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Thousands of teachers strike in #Croatia: The teachers, on strike for over a month, are demanding increased wages and improved working conditions in schools and colleges. #učitelji

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The Psychology of Education Cuts
#NoCutsToEducation #cutshurtkids #psspessential

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In case anyone was wondering where allegiances lie, here are several photos of Peel School board trustees partying with the @fordnation MPPs who support decimating our public education system. #NoCutsToEducation #onpoli #onted #osstf

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As a parent, I will not believe a single word out of the mouth of @Sflecce

You want to convince us that you are, in fact, negotiating in good faith?

REVERSE THE CUTS until then, you are mute to me.


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It’s always about cutting costs for the gov when they should be investing in the future...BC teachers stand with you #ONTed #OSSTF #NoCutsToEducation #bced

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Great reporter. Completely calls @Sflecce out for only ever talking about money. #dobetter @fordnation #NoCutsToEducation

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@NokhaDakroub @LSPareja @OSSTFD19 We also have a duty to support students, and fighting for their right to a quality education is one of the *many* ways that we fight battles for them. Many of us have spent our careers fighting for students against anyone who does them harm - particularly vulnerable youth.

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@Sflecce @fordnation and @Sflecce have demonstrated a severe lack of background, experience, knowledge and education on SO many critical issues for Ontario. We deserve better.

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I do know one good thing that @Sflecce has done. He has created thousands of future organizers and activities for public education in Ontario.

Our students and children are watching Minister, and they’re learning WHO is standing up for them.

It isn’t you. #NoCutsToEducation

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Please be reasonable #Sflecce. To be frank, the effort @HarveyBischof and #OSSTF are putting in at the bargaining table needs to be reciprocated. To be fair, you haven't provided any, not one, substantive proposal in over 200 days to get a fair, voluntary deal.  #NoCutsToEducation

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Me watching reporters call @Sflecce and the Ford Government out for repeatedly lying. #NoCutsToEducation

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@NokhaDakroub @LSPareja @OSSTFD19 I'm sorry. You need to explain the connection for me. The cuts they're proposing would strengthen systemic oppression within the board. The Review is important, I don't contest that, but what benefit will its results have if their cuts aren't reversed?

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@ParmGill @Sflecce I’m a parent. I don’t support this government. The same goes for all our family members.

You don’t speak for me. Don’t pretend to speak for Ontario parents and students when you buried the consultation results. #NoCutsToEducation

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This government is ripe with misleading comments, misinformation and straight up falsehoods. At this point how can we trust them? #NoCutsToEducation #onpoli

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@Sflecce bro, you’re so offside here. The jig is up - come clean, come to the table, BARGAIN. Teachers aren’t the problem here. #NoCutsToEducation

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@Sflecce you are wrong! You're NOT fighting to invest in students... you are dismantling & destroying PUBLIC education.

@fordnation when will you replace this incompetent minister with someone who knows something about the education portfolio??

#nocutstoeducation #cutshurtkids

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Had this forwarded to me by my awesome mom. @Sflecce claims he’s listening to parents. Whoever he’s listening to is clearly not to Rachel. #NoCutsToEducation #osstf #etfo

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@Sflecce La Leche, we haven’t had full on strike action since 1996. When we had one day walk outs in 2012, @Kathleen_Wynne ‘s party legislated us back to work. Bob Rae introduced Rae Days and the public still remembers. Teachers aren’t the ones escalating buddy. #NoCutsToEducation

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@samoosterhoff @samoosterhoff you are actually moving from TWENTY TWO stdts to 25 and from no MANDATORY e-courses to two. The shell game isn’t working and parents aren’t buying it. Treat stdts and families with respect. Respect education. #NoCutsToEducation

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@samoosterhoff Offering $750 000 000 to 60 000 #osstf members = $12 500 EACH! What a liar.

Even if it's true, I'd still vote no because #cutshurtkids
I want a RETURN to
❗1:22 funding ratio.
❗ZERO mandatory e-learning
#NoCutsToEducation #onted #onpoli

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Offering $750 000 000 to 60 000 #osstf members = $12 500 EACH! What a liar.

Even if it's true, I'd still vote no because #cutshurtkids
I want a RETURN to
❗1:22 funding ratio.
❗ZERO mandatory e-learning
#NoCutsToEducation #onted #onpoli

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@BCReality @TheBlueGem3 @CSUnited2014 @tylerwhat16 @AdrianaLaGrange @MacLeodLisa @Sflecce As for @fordnation ‘s demand that teachers pass a math test, I will gladly write a math test (I’m a tech teacher) when Doug Ford can pass a @yorkuniversity poli-sci test. #fraudnation #OneTermParty @sflecce #noCutsToEducation

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I’ve decided to start reporting @Sflecce ‘s tweets as spam. His lies should get him removed from Twitter as well as his position as Minister of Education. Anyone care to join me?@HarveyBischof #NoCutsToEducation

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Watch this snake shed his will to live...in real time

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The govmt needs to back down from reckless cuts. It would be irresponsible for teachers to compromise on our kids' educations. #OntEd #cutshurtkids #nocutstoeducation #redfored #westandwithteachers

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Our community stands with teachers. I saw it tonight at our school's winter social w people visiting our table & pinning on red squares without hesitation. #OntEd #cutshurtkids #nocutstoeducation #redfored #westandwithteachers

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@tylerwhat16 @osstf @Sflecce . @Sflecce is either purposely misleading the public or he is completely incompetent and just doesn't understand what @osstf is seeking. Either way, he is unfit to be the Minister of Education.
#ResignLecce #NoCutsToEducation

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THIS is how to ask him questions. Don't take his spin, and press him on the REAL questions. I don't know who's asking the questions, but they are ON FIRE!! This needs to be shared widely! #CutsHurtKids #osstf #etfo #oecta #aefo #onted #onpoli

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Facts matter: Based on the criteria for the MPP rental allowance, Lecce is not eligible to claim it based on where his permanent residence is located. So, it’s not a matter of saving tax payers money, the fact is that he can’t claim it! @ETFOeducators #onted #onpoli

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Your actions don’t match your words. Class sizes rising 14%. E-learning going from 0-2. No justification. Haven’t released the over $1 million consultation report. Per pupil spending is down $54, enrolment is rising. You are making school life more crowded + difficult. #onpoli

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Can we give these journalist an award for calling out Education Minister Stephen Lecce on his constant lies about the #osstf strike? This was great. #ONPoli #ONTed #NoCutsToEducation #KingVaughan

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I am fighting to invest in students. Union leaders are fighting for a $1.5 billion increase to compensation.

The contrast could not be clearer.


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"Education workers would much rather be in the classroom, but sometimes the best way to teach is through example. A central tenet of Canadian democracy is the right to protest in the face of inequity and injustice. Cuts hurt kids; simple as that." #onted

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We want a deal that keeps kids in class.

It’s why we are moving from 28 to 25 students in a classroom, and 4 to 2 online learning courses.

We are offering an increase of $750 million to teachers.

Stop escalations, and focus on negotiations, because #StrikesHurtKids 🏫 📚 🍎

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Kathy and I with my local MPPs @ninatangri and @SherefSabawyPC as well as Minister @PrabSarkaria and Ontario's Attorney General @douglasdowney. Thank you Sheref for having us!

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