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@JoshManMode Working weekends as well? #relentless

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@CrazyMSULady @SpartanEarned1 @DHarris_45 I was thinking about this earlier today. It’s not just WHAT is being said, but WHO is saying it. I’m sure that it is both humbling and motivating for a guy like @DHarris_45 to read and hear all of this. So cool #RELENTLESS #SpartansWill #GoGreen #AsskickingSeason

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Thanks for dancing with us!!! Stay #RELENTLESS !

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Thank you so much for capturing that!!! Stay #RELENTLESS !

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My guy @AI44LYD! Continue paving the way and doing what you do best! Proud to call you a great friend! #Relentless

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As for Thristian.. Like I proved last week, he shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for you Dewwy, just watch out for him because he can be a sneaky one.. Go give him the beating he deserves.. #Relentless

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Update from Peachtree City:
JV ⚾️ Final, Game 2 (5 inn):
@FellowshipCS 10
Drew Charter 0

9th Grade and JV Paladins Complete the Day 4-0 on the Road at Home Plate Baseball!

#PaladinBsbl #RELENTLESS @Coach_O_10

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2020 State Champs! Congratulations to Izzy and Hinda on capturing their first state title! #Relentless 🟡⚫️🤼‍♀️

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Florida Tech Takes Both Games Against Eckerd to Win Season Series! #GoPanthers #Relentless

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🎥 | 1⃣ more for good measure @jvenzant23

🔵 #PonyUp #Relentless🔴

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Great time today at Laxabunga! Showing great improvement. 16 Days to go! We will stay #relentless see you At The Net! Team. Tribe. Family.

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@KoolLove2643 @Coach_mtucker @MSU_Football @michiganstateu He took the call and accepted the job while in the car with the Colorado assistant AD. That shows no class. No integrity. He thrust himself into this and we’re never going to stop reminding people of the lack of character this man demonstrated. We will be #relentless

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🎥 | Smooth like 🧈 @HubertTre

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@50cent Ion think people is grasping how PHENOMENAL it is that @50cent have a weekly show on ABC... You are now plugged into hell, broadcasting! ABC, ESPN, DISNEY, STAR WARS. Sire going to voiceover National Geographic docs!😜😂😂

#RELENTLESS per wordsmith Eminem.

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🎥 | Play on both ends @jvenzant23

🔵 #PonyUp #Relentless🔴

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It should be a new hashtag. Our theme. Be #RELENTLESS. What else are you going to do? This is what @fordnation
can look forward to. #PowerOfMany is


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I am inspired by Inclusion Revolution MFT. We cannot continue to maintain the status quo. All students deserve to THRIVE. #KidsDeserveIt #RELENTLESS

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A little view of the scene today in Niagara. Dance party inspired by #RELENTLESS
by @arkellsmusic. #NoCutsToEducation #nocutstohealthcare #AutismDoesntEndAtFord @kell_mcgarry

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Ancilla Hoops...Chargers hold Lansing to 24 each half and secure a spot in the conference tournament!...keep doin the work! #Relentless

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Saturday Motivation:
You Are Not Here to Duplicate And Replicate.
You Are Here to Initiate.
-Alan Cohen
#Create #Initiate #Persistent #Relentless #StrongWomen #Elegance #BeUnstoppable #24Seven

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Let's pack for Waco...

🔵 #PonyUp #Relentless🔴

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Update from Peachtree City:
JV ⚾️ Final:
@FellowshipCS 5
Trinity Christian 3

Paladins Score 3 in the 7th Inning to Earn the Win!

#PaladinBsbl #RELENTLESS @Coach_O_10

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Y'all, this is what a tournament team looks like 👀🔥 #RELENTLESS #BBN

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So proud of you @TSmithAnoai
While many only aspire to BE you LIVE it! You’ve opened doors that has afforded others to follow your bravery - ensuring #Diversity #Inclusion #RELENTLESS Proud of YOU ❤️! Represent 🙌🏽🌺

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Watching the Last Jedi. Yoda: "The Greatest Teacher Failure Is" Moral is fellow writers do not give up

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20 years ago I stepped into #CBS as a Publicist.
10 years ago I created a new role for myself & the department of @CBSEntDiversity
Yesterday, my team & family surprised me with an AMAZING anniversary celebration 🎉
#Grateful #Relentless ✌🏽

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When Anthony Ianni joined the Michigan State basketball team, he tried to keep his autism diagnosis a secret. But an incident stemming from a joke Daymond Green told led to his team finding out.

Now, Anthony calls that incident "a blessing in disguise."

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Pretty amazing being here with working people from all sectors across Ontario! Enjoyed a little dance in the street with music from the Arkells @arkellsmusic in support of @OntAutism #RELENTLESS #cutshurtkids #osstf

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