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#ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachTrump #MoscowMitch #RedPaul #LeningradLindsey

Find out who is funding Donald Trump's campaign!

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@CREWcrew @jolielovessumo Huh! What a coinky dink! Those three Republicans (@LindseyGrahamSC , @GOPLeader & @RandPaul ), often visit Trump Properties; it’s such a Small World!


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#ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachTrump #MoscowMitch #RedPaul #LeningradLindsey

Let your GOP senators know that a BLUE WAVE is coming for their asses if they don't remove Don the Con!

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Let’s make this new Impeachment Task Force ad on Trump’s bribery plot go viral! Ready, set... GO!!! ✊ #ImpeachmentHearings

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#RedPaul #LeningradLindsay #CadetBoneSpurs #MoscowMitch #impeach

Great timing. Trump's approval is down and impeachment is up. Could there be a connection?

1st #ExtortionAndBribery then #ImpeachAndRemove

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#GOPethics = #MoscowMitch #LeningradLindsey #RedPaul #TrumpRussia

The #GOP has given up its manhood (it is mostly men, of course) to debase itself to a Russian-mafia crook.|


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Yup, it sure is! The attention #DonTheCon get's tomorrow won't be good 4 him. He'll pull a stunt to divert attention, don't fall for it. Watch the hearings!

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this is NOT the kind of fame little mushroom dick anticipated.... isn't it delicious...? #resist #ImpeachTheMFTraitorNow

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@RandPaul you oppose it under any circumstances #RedPaul

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#RedPaul has forgotten he works for the people of the US and not his Russian handlers

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Trump fired FBI's Director,

Trump fired the Attorney General,

Trump considered firing the IC Inspector General, and

Trump successfully called for the firing of career officials,

because he didn't like being investigated.

And the Senate did what?

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@ChrisVanHollen $$Money$$
Citizen's United
GOP Senators' new bff!

Sadly, GOP's hooked on
New Party ELIXIR Money~Power~Greed

((Real Republicans gone))

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@TheDailyEdge @GOP You forgot #RedPaul (this means you @RandPaul).

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@karenamyatt @SethAbramson They are all complicit. Russia has their emails as well. #RedPaul, #LeningradLindsey and #MoscowMitch

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Wouldn't that be an #Impeachableoffense ?

Asking for a friend @HouseGOP @senatemajldr @SenateGOP & especially U, vile Head of Senate Judiciary "it's all BS" bootlicker @LindseyGrahamSC ?


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Bolton said Trump could go full isolationist — with the faction of the Republican Party that aligns with Paul’s foreign policy views taking over the GOP — and could withdraw the U.S. from NATO and other international alliances.

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This is her chance...
With #PPAB impeached and removed.
can run for POTUS>
#RedPaul too!

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They are running for President!

Most won't have a vote on Impeachment.
#RedPaul has a vote. Wants the #Deplorables.

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Earth to the guy squatting at 1600 Pa ave.

It is called The Constitution and what you did is called #ExtortionAndBribery the response should be #ImpeachAndRemove

but this is after #IvankaTrump answers under oath.

#RedPaul #MoscowMitch #LeningradLindsey

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She's running for POTUS!
Wants the #Deplorables Vote.
When #ImpeachTrumpPenceBarrPompeoKavanaughMulvaney

#RedPaul is too!
GOP... you guys are slow...

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If you go on TV,
You really need to lie better...
or tell the truth.

Guess who knows this is happening? #ImpeachTrumpPenceBarrPompeoKavanaughMulvaney

And is positioning to take over the
And Run for POTUS!
#RedPaul too!

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BREAKING: WOW! Rick Gates just testified candidate Trump talk to Roger Stone about wikileaks

President Donald Trump told special counsel Robert Mueller UNDER OATH in writing that Roger Stone did not tell him about WikiLeaks

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@joshtpm @HC_Richardson Caveat: "In his mind...."
Nikki Haley is a stealth caveat queen

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From a political standpoint, it’s unclear to me what Nikki Haley’s endgame is. I mean sure, we are at a point where any answer she gives will either hurt her w/ the pro-Trump or anti-Trump crowd. But she doesn’t have to talk at all. She could’ve just laid low and ridden this out

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@NikkiHaley Nikki Haley is nothing but another ENABLER looking to her personal political future. All these traitorous Republicans forgetting they took oath(s) to defend our Constitution - NOT Trump.

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@C2CLiberal @politico For POTUS!
After #ImpeachAndRemove happens!
Positioning for POTUS!
#RedPaul too!
Wake up GOP!


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Needs to practice lying...
Positioning...(Remember it's game people)
She is running for POTUS.
So is #RedPaul.
They know: #ImpeachTrumpPenceBarrPompeoKavanaughMulvaney

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Haley is a fake. A total fake -- she is a player in Trump's game. She presents well to some, but underneath it all -- she cares only about Nikki Haley (sound familiar?). She also said Trump is truthful. That is hilarious, but SAD!

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I wouldn't vote for Nikki Haley if I were being held at knifepoint. Like her lord and master, Trump, she's an opportunist and a wackjob. She has no business holding the highest office in the land.

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"Acting White House Chief of Staff Mulvaney will not file lawsuit on impeachment testimony and plans to not appear for his deposition."

Mulvaney confirmed quid pro quo, lied to cover up for telling the truth, and now won't tell the truth he's already told. #TuesdayThoughts

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A total Impeachment Scam by the Do Nothing Democrats!

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U.S. Held Nearly 70,000 Migrant Children In Government Custody In 2019

The U.S. government has acknowledged that being held in detention can be traumatic for children.

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8 days before the election, Hillary Clinton warned us all about Trump.

"Donald has signaled to Putin that he will let Russia do whatever it wants, from Ukraine to Syria and beyond."

He's doing it again w/Ukraine.
Republicans, where are your SPINES?

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Former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley says that she doesn't believe Trump's conduct with regards to Ukraine warrants impeachment, "we are less than a year away from an election, let the people decide."

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@KateChief @JuliaDavisNews @jsargentr @GOP They are all paid by Putin

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Thanks to Rand Paul, Russian Media Are Naming the Alleged Whistleblower

Standing next to Trump, Rand Paul demanded the media unmask the whistleblower. In a 2019 re-play of “Russia, if you’re listening”—Kremlin-controlled state media jumped on it.

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Good piece by @gregolear summing up Rand Paul’s sketchy journey from Trump foe to Putin darling.

I also think #RedPaul is a nice moniker to go with #MoscowMitch

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