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DanaWhite, @ChuckLiddell and @titoortiz. #UFC245 #LiddellOrtiz3
#Repost @goldenboyboxing @titoortiz Sign up now to watch #CaneloRocky 12/15 ▶️ @ MGM Grand Las Vegas
.@DanaWhite and @titoortiz #stayinthefight @UFCGymHB
#LiddellOrtiz3 Official Trailer @titoortiz @ UFCGymHB

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Hwy. 34 Showdown 🚍

‘Cats vs. Wolves

Tomorrow. 6 pm.

#cLawsUp | #StayintheFight

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@Nationals_UK Have you met @RedskinsUK2, and which team has the best NFL fans in the UK?


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Speed & Accuracy win the gunfight. A little Monday humor!! #StayintheFight #StaySafe

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“Oldies but Goodies”. Front Sight Focus - one of the four fundamentals of shooting. #StayintheFight #ShafferSecurityGroup #StaySafe

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Last week, I had the amazing #Honor to meet a #ProudAmerican Father & Son duo. Kingsville, Texas Boxing trainer Jaime Cantu & his #Champion Son Li’l Oscar.
Both inspiring others to achieve greatness!! Keep up the motivational work gentlemen!! #KeepOnPunching #StayInTheFight

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@realDonaldTrump #StayInTheFight #EndSuicide
I love America! Wages keep getting better. I have to hand it to them! I’m not the lowest paid worker but I have to earn that salary to live. How is the working class doing the business?👋#
#TBT #wealthfund whatumpattheun

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Rocco and Juice coming up BIIIIIIGGG. #Preds #StayInTheFight

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@Nationals Let’s go Nats! Rematch!!! #stayinthefight #NATITUDE

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🎥 “The Nieto Special Part✌🏼”

Andre Lopez returns as the hero in this walkoff thriller with the supporting cast of pitchers Adam Dow, Joel Porter, and Alec Beck who picked up the win!

S. Montoya 2-4 R
A. Dow 4IP 3K
J. Porter 1.1IP 2K
A. Beck 2.2IP 4K & 2B


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E8 | Bearcats scratch two off the Jags’ lead, but leave two runners on base. Headed to the 9th:

Lander - 4
Augusta - 8

#stayinthefight #cLawsUp

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M6 | Jags’ double their lead with a pair of runs in the 6th.

Due up for Lander: Harold, Glanton and Gregory.


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I'm sure #MadamCJWalker had to work around/over/through tougher barriers to success than ANY of us alive today face.

So if she could do it, #WhatsStoppingYOU?

If YOU don't know her story, you SHOULD.

#EvolveOrPerish #BeFierce #StayInTheFight #GritMatters

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Saturday ⚾️ game is a go!

🆚 | Mira Costa
📍 | Damien - Tom Carroll Stadium
⌚ | 11 AM
📊 |
📻 |

#StayInTheFight | #SpartyBoys

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The good folks at @BethesdaBagels in @RosslynVA 🥯 are still all about our #WorldSeries Champion @Nationals 😎❤️⚾️ @ABC7News #StayInTheFight 🤙🏻 #FinishTheFight 👊🏻 #FightFinished 💪🏻 #Natitude

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Netflix's Self Made Is Based on Madam C.J. Walker's Inspiring Life — Here's the True Story via @POPSUGARBeauty #inspiration #BlackHistoryMonth #Entrepreneur

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@CoachLWilson Be not weary in well doing! It is a process. #stayinthefight

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THIS. The Astros are garbage and should have to forfeit a season. #GoNats #StayInTheFight

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The Houston Astros are a living example of what happens when society accepts a verbal apology from people who've done wrong without any secondary show of remorse or restitution. From @jenvanlaar

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@Nationals: We are season ticket holders and proud Nats fans vacationing in Playa Del Carmen. While here, we saw many fans wearing Nats gear, many others cheering on our gear, and a few that echoed our chant, “They cheated and we still beat them!” Let’s go 1-0! #Stayinthefight

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Lost 101-97 —- furious rally comes up short! Credit to MATC— they were the tougher team & outworked us! Need to regroup- playoff time here win or go home! #STAYintheFIGHT

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Thank you to our Seniors who always do the right thing. @adammetts22 @harrisonk2355 Logan Griffeth, Willie Gaines #stayinthefight #teamfirst #bewhoweare

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Congratulations to @MATC_Athletics on clinching the @n4csports title outright. They defeat Triton 101-97. #WeRTriton #TrojanPride

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The Spartans walkoff King 3-2 in the bottom of the 8th on an RBI by Armando Peña!!!

D. Barrera 4IP 0ER 2K
E. Glenn 3.1IP 0R with the win
M. Clark 1-1 3BB

#StayInTheFight | #SpartyBoys🤝

@SGVNSports @James_Escarcega @latsondheimer @LesLukach

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@yeaisaidit324 @FRYsmalls HELL NAW I DIDNT LEAVE. There was still work to be done

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Back from spring training, 40 degrees in Baltimore and I’m still wearing shorts and flip flops... #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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God’s love doesn’t prevent trials, it fuels purpose! #stayinthefight

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.@DonaldJTrumpJr talks about the two gentlemen that carried the World War II Veteran to his seat at the Trump Rally.

WOW 🇺🇸

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#beatla // #stayinthefight Rt Earth's Mightiest Baseball team! Congratulations on your streamRT That didn't Last long.

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@BaseballBrit @Britt_Ghiroli And I can't wait to watch him help the @Nationals #STAYINTHEFIGHT in 2020

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#5 Dayton 36, VCU 29 -- Halftime

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