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What's better than the Max Scherzer Special to watch our Nats play today?

Order @papajohns_DMV and #STAYINTHEFIGHT!

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Think I’m gonna go buy me a @Nationals Shirt and Hat today!! #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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@Sam4TR @dougherty_jesse We absolutely love MAT! Hungry, humble, and hardworking. He could’ve given up, but chose to learn and move forward. He is possibly the best role model for young folks today. #STAYINTHEFIGHT #OnePursuit

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I can see the @WNCathedral from my home. I wish I could hear THIS from home, too. #ilovebaseball #Game3 #CardsNat #Natitude #OnePursuit #StayintheFight #STLvsWSH

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Congrats, @Nationals , on making it this far — From your friends at @PNCBank #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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The Nationals will honor the Mystics before Game 4 tomorrow night and WNBA MVP Elena Delle Donne will throw the first pitch. Well done @Nationals

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What it means for the @WashMystics winning our @WNBA 2019 Championship! #TogetherDC ❤️
Honored to be interviewed by Emmy Award-winning @shomaristone @nbcwashington @Nationals are next! #StayintheFight

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@treavturner welcome home! Get us started early and show off that speed around the bases!
Nationals Nation is behind you all!!! Have fun and...


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Apple picking at #wilkloworchards to calm our nerves! #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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The @Nationals are back home tonight for Game 3! #StayInTheFight

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Hey DC! Both locations open at 2PM! Pre-game and the Game on all TVs! Come on in early! It's going to be a day to remember!!!

#NLCS #STAYINTHEFIGHT #Nationals #Nats #BringinItHOME

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Hey @treavturner @Nationals @kdturner12, what is this magic blue object that Trea is holding (and that also made an appearance during the Wild Card celebration)? Inquiring minds want to know how to also improve their flight/partying game! #Nats #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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Los @Cardinals buscan regresar a la #NLCS con un triunfo, mientras que los @Nationals quieren ponerse 3-0 en la serie
Transmisión: ESPN
Narradores: @EJerezESPN y @LuisAlvarez_1
@MLB | @MLB_Mexico | #YoAmoElBeis | #PostemporadaESPN | #TimeToFly | #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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Things certainly have changed from earlier in the season. Still gotta #STAYINTHEFIGHT #OnePursuit #Nationals #MLB

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Didn’t know I needed a #longread on the Daniel Hudson situation, but apparently I did. I’m proud to support a team that walks the talk on family first. Go #Nats! #StayInTheFight! (h/t @clintonyates)

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Nats shirt on. Dinner in the Crock-Pot so I'm not cooking during game time. Yarn picked out for game time makes. Let's do this! #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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2 more hours of work then Nats Park bound!!! #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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Trying to make it through the day knowing Game 3 awaits me... #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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Let‘s go 1-0 tonight. Nothing else matters anyway. #STRASMAS #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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Calling on Nats fans: How are you feeling about the NLCS? Any rituals, traditions, or superstitions for playoff games? Get in touch! DMs open or email me: kurzius (at) #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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@dcsportsbog One game at a time. Stay in the moment #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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Mostly 3, 6 and a little bit 1. #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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@TailgateTed @bullpendc Please keep me in mind if you come across any single tickets! I’m about 30 minutes outside of DC! #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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Good luck to our boys in Game 3 of the NLCS. Bring it home and #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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Love that @alyssa__denton came home for #Nats tonight. Remembering our first 2005 season. She worked to get all the good autographs on her old pink @Nationals cap. Nick Johnson was her fave besides “The Chief,” Jamey Carroll and that new kid from UVA, Zimmerman. #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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This is so good. LISTEN 🔊🔊 #STAYINTHEFIGHT

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We're welcoming the @Nationals back home ahead of the #NLCS game 3 against the St. Louis Cardinals.

The higher the bells, the closer to God's ears.


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Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up...

...it's time to open your #Strasmas GIF.


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Three days, two plane rides, one baby, zero regrets (and lots of Taco Bell Meximelts): What life was like during Daniel Hudson's mad 48-hour dash and understanding why his choice to miss Game 1 of the NLCS wasn't much of a choice at all.

Story at ESPN:

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Fans going to the game get one of these. Nats finally playing in front of a home crowd in the series. @WTOP

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tag yourself I am number 3

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