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Only one team has ever come back from an 0-2 deficit to win the best of seven NLCS: the 1985 Cardinals. The 2019 #STLCards are going to need some of that magic.

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He’s the first visiting pitcher to step on a postseason mound in DC after the DS in 86 years. He’s a 23 year old ace who turns 24 tomorrow. He’s the #stlcards firewall and he has to hold.

Happy Jack Day.

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#OTD 1985 - “Smith corks one into right, down the line! It may go! Go crazy, folks! Go crazy! It’s a home run! And the Cardinals have won the game…by the score of 3-2…on a home run by the Wizard! Go crazy!” #STLCards #TimeToFly

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#Postseason duals w/ #STLCards, Washington-teams has reached the final game of the series. ‘87 WS: 7, ‘11 WS: 7, ‘12 DS: 5. #Expos #Twins #Rangers #Nationals @reneknottsports @dgoold @Ackerman1120
Side note: All but two DC teams went 7 games in WS play: 1933, 2010: 5 games

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The #STLCards might be down 2-0, but the team confidence has not wavered according to @Ben_Fred!


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A Texas Rangers fan was so happy that David Freese retired that he venmo’d him a dollar. #STLCards

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I hope the #STLCards made a stop in Atlanta to get their bats on their way to DC! Must-win tonight for the Redbirds! LET’S FREAKING GO!!!

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How many changes to the lineup today... #TimeToFly #STLCards

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Great now do #STLCards 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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This is from Goold’s article. This is bad. Shildt doesn’t realize what outliers are and he has no idea Fowler was dreadful in September. Ugh. #STLCards #TimeToFly

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Jack Flaherty has emerged as the #Cardinals October ace — pitching clinchers, and starting tonight to claw back into series — and so Rick Hummel spoke to someone who can relate.

He spoke with Bob Gibson.

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With Game 3 of the NLCS approaching, from 1-10, how confident are you in the #STLCards advancing?

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#Cardinals need to pull off a capital comeback that no one expects, so I naturally went to the expert to ask how.

Brace yourself, DC.

I spoke with Pete Kozma.

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Get to @ShamrocksGrill tonight! Drink Specials, game 3 watch party & #ArchCityLive from 6-8pm. Join myself, @Danya_011, & EP @MickLite7 as we welcome @Patrico1057 & @jtcancila. Talking #NLCS, Freese a @Cardinals HoFer?, and more. Join the show on @ArchCityMedia FB Live. #STLCards

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Minus a unforeseen Game 5 in the NLDS, this is about how many total hits the #STLCards have in the playoffs.

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We have a 0-0 record in games played on October 14, 2019.

Flaherty is on the bump. Let’s just get that W today. Then we’ll think about tomorrow. #STLCards #TimeToFly

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Imagine if the cards won 3 straight in DC 😳 #STLcards

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@buffa82 Interestingly enough, I’ve never heard that narrative 🤔
#STLCards #TimeToFly

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#CardinalNation Arise!
#STLCards bats arise/awaken. Just do something beside 0-zillion!

@Cafejr40 in the lineup tonight is a must!

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Quite possibly one of the greatest post game interviews of all time. The Wain Train in the bullpen! #STLCards

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In today’s @stltoday: Hello from DC, where the postseason meltdowns of the Washington Nationals used to be as reliable as political dysfunction. Not anymore. #STLCards are backed into a corner against a hardened team with an impressive story.

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I know it’s easier said than done but the cards gotta work the pitch count and try to get to that bullpen as early as possible #STLcards #TimetoFly.

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Go Crazy, folks.


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We need to rally #STLCards

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"This thing isn't going back to St. Louis unless something dramatically changes."

@ArashMadani discusses the #STLCards' offensive struggles, the quality of pitching in this series, & more @ScottyMacThinks @SmrtAsh @mikezigomanis.

#NLCS | #LeadOff


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Mozeliak didn't talk about personnel changes in the #STLCards lineup for Game 3, but did say there could be a change in his hitters' approach at the plate

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Time to get off of Twitter and on with my day! Hoping all #STLcards players peace today. #TimeToFly

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Cardinals Postseason Hitting Leaders (wRC+):

Jose Martinez: 390
Paul Goldschmidt: 171
Marcell Ozuna: 152
Tommy Edman: 91
Kolten Wong: 58
Matt Carpenter: 18
Paul DeJong: 17
Randy Arozarena: 7
Harrison Bader: 3
Dexter Fowler: -26
Yadier Molina: -33

#STLCards #TimeToFly

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Washington holds a commanding 2-0 NLCS lead as the @Cardinals travel to the nation’s capital hoping to take Game 3 and stop the @Nationals’ momentum ⚾️🇺🇸 Here are the latest predictions and odds for this match 💥👇


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Should Cardinal manager Mike Schildt make lineup changes for tonight’s game 3? If yes, please comment below what you would do! #stlcards

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If the @Cardinals can’t win tonight, the front office should really consider firing Fredbird. #TimetoFly #STLvsWAS #WASvsSTL #STLCards

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Only one team has ever come back from an 0-2 deficit to win the best of seven NLCS: the 1985 Cardinals. The 2019 Cards are going to need some of that magic.

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Let's do this! Well, maybe later... #MondayMotivation

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Happy Birthday to Seth Maness. #STLCards

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Team ERA this postseason:

1.75 Yankees
2.57 Cardinals
2.83 Rays
3.12 Nationals
3.38 Brewers
4.15 Astros
4.20 Dodgers
4.53 Braves
5.00 Athletics
7.56 Twins

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Today we give thanks to the Lord for our new #Saints. They walked by faith and now we invoke their intercession.

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