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For the record, that would have read: “Kamala Harris (omitting her titles as CA AG or US Senator) berates elderly Republican” #KamalaHarrisForThePeople #KamalaHarris #BarackObama #ShesMyPresident #AMJoy

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@atrupar Nobody does. Live in the present, soy boy.

Michelle Obama currently trying at tryouts for a linebacker vacancy on the #DallasCowboys after that horrendous beatdown.
#ShesMyPresident #ShesAmericasLinebacker

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Joe Biden snapped back at a voter who accused him of being too old to run for president during a town hall in Iowa. The reason he's running was because he's "been around a long time" and "knows more than most people know."

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Don’t tell Elizabeth Warren Stans:

Howard Stern: Are you friendly with Elizabeth Warren at all?

Hillary Clinton: Sure, Yeah.

Howard Stern: You like her?

HIllary Clinton: Yeah, sure. 🥴
#ShesMyPresident #StillWithHer

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I’m not crying... you’re crying!! 💙@MadamSecretary #MadamSecretary #ShesMyPresident

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@planetweaver @NeilFlochMD @marwilliamson @MargaretaArvid4 How exciting!
I so want to be in it.
A lot to share and to learn!
You friends are so on!
Goo @marwilliamson!



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I wanna live in Elizabeth McCord’s America #ShesMyPresident

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#MadameSpeaker #NancyPelosi #shemakesmeproud #ShesMyPresident #strongleadership #MoscowMitchMcConnell - take a lesson, this is what a leader does when our country matters to them! Not politics!

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@realDonaldTrump Ummmmmm, Nancy Pelosi is actually the PRESIDENT. Sorry Donnie, their all turning on you. They are all just waiting to vote. You turn on everybody and you have no loyalty. Even Rudy has insurance we all know he’s not joking about that. #ShesMyPresident #NancyPelosi #insurance

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I've been screaming this everyday. Also, it was #WomenWonUsTheHouse2018 We need a fighter. I wish it was #Kamala, but I have not wavered on the need for a strong female president. #ShesMyPresident #AmyKlobuchar #Warren2020

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Did you know...

Amy Klobuchar picked the top-notch University of Chicago Law School because it offered her the best financial aid package.

#AmyForAmerica #Election2020 #TheSenatorNextDoor @amyklobuchar #KHive #ShesMyPresident #Klobucharmy

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“He (@BernieSanders)could have. He hurt me, there's no doubt about it. And I hope he doesn't do it again to whoever gets the nomination. Once is enough."@HillaryClinton
#ShesMyPresident #StillWithHer

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Hey @CullenYossarian and @MatthewGravel1, I don’t think there are any better looking signs in all of NH? Do you agree? 😁 #Tulsi @TulsiGabbard @Tulsi2020NH

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Who’s watching @CNN Town Hall with #NancyPelosi? My family is, including the younger ones. When history judges this time frame, she will be a true American SHERO! #ShesMyPresident #cnntownhall

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@riotwomennn @Acosta @SpeakerPelosi makes me so proud to be a woman. Classy, well-mannered and not taking lip off of nobody! Rock solid in this horrid storm. #Pelosied #ShesMyPresident

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Amb, Yovanovich, Fiona Hill, Prof Karlan, Speaker Pelosi; we watch these Strong Brave Woman Stand-up to these Cowardly Men (Trump-GOP) and I am moved to the OBVIOUS Realization that WE NEED A FEMALE POTUS..

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Speaker Pelosi is a better Catholic than I! I pray nightly, but I’m praying that he who shall not be named resigns or is arrested. #Pelosied #ShesMyPresident #dontmesswithme #ballsofsteel #GOPCorruptionOverCountry

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Elizabeth McCord for President 2022! #ShesMyPresident

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#ShesMyPresident #ImWithKap #football man--said to Mr. Jordan I should be all right. I'm Spiral, mother; you #p2 #BlueTsunami

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@banditelli @ProudResister not exactly showing diplomacy or leadership skills here #ShesMyPresident

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Dream Big.
Fight Hard.
And together, we can win!

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Is it possible that a single party controlled house and senate could remove any president from now on? #ShesMyPresident #MichaelBloomberg #ClimateDebate #Pelosi #Democrat

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#ShesMyPresident #WARREN2020 that he had kept Glossie and Flossie beyond daybreak, in opposition to #USA #TCOT #DEMS #BLM #TCOT

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@TulsiGabbard perseverance & vision is why she is here.

Representing every American, no one is left behind. #leader #integrity #DemocraticDebate #ShesMyPresident

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#ShesMyPresident #himalayansalt breaths more, and it had vanished, as if swallowed by an earthquake. #Resist #TrumpRussia

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If someone makes negative comments about Tulsi, just block them. You can't fix stupid

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@Politico: If one or both qualify, they are likely to get greater shares of the speaking time than ever before. No debate thus far has included fewer than 10 candidates—and even if both Gabbard and Yang qualify, this one would include just 8 participants.

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Nice graphic from @TheHill presenting the remaining candidates in the race along with the debate qualification process. #TULSI2020 #TulsiGabbard

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#ShesMyPresident #himalayansalt blocked by Susan as she ran downstairs and the other leads straight to #cfd #GDP #volatility

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Pelosi is the real MVP! Don’t mess with her! #PelosiForPresident #ShesMyPresident

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Democrats Plot Impeaching Trump Multiple Times, Including If He Wins Re-Election: ‘No Limit To The Number Of Times The House Can Vote To Impeach’

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Chatting outside the gym when a fan came by and dropped me this note ... #DontMessWithNancy

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.@TeamPelosi has class and grace... and the clear capacity to make a point when it's needed to be made.

And man, does she know how to get under @realDonaldTrump's skin!

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She’s getting stronger, better and tougher through this process (and she was already one of the toughest and strongest political leaders in the country).

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Don’t mess with @TeamPelosi.

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