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Took the words right out of my mouth!

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Does bribery or extortion have to be completed to be charged with Bribery or extortion? I really don't need an answer.
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@Strandjunker ✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼 #StepDownJimJordan

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@joncoopertweets Thank you for keeping this story on the front burner!! Jim Jordan knew everything and did nothing!! #StepDownJimJordan #GymJordan

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I think I speak for many when I say:


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@3L3V3NTH He knew everything and did nothing!! #StepDownJimJordan

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"Anyone who has followed my political career knows that I'm NOT the type of person to ignore wrongdoing"
-Gym Jordan (R) Ohio 🙄

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@aravosis @cosmosbaby .@Jim_Jordan should be investigated by the #HOUSE This breaks EVERY ethics oath he has taken. #StepdownJimJordan

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A professional referee says that disgraced doctor Richard Strauss masturbated in front of him in a shower after a wrestling match at Ohio State University, and he reported the encounter directly to Rep. Jim Jordan, who was then the assistant coach.

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Calls grow for Jim Jordan to resign over refusal to confront sexual misconduct as #JimJordanKnew trends | Raw Story via rawstory

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@CapehartJ He knew everything and did nothing! #StepDownJimJordan

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Not surprised that @Jim_Jordan protected a sexual predator. It’s his MO. #GymJordan’s pious righteous act is a disgusting joke. #StepDownJimJordan

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@TeaPainUSA @Jim_Jordan Be sure to clear out the young men first! #StepDownJimJordan

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Quick question:

Al Franken was forced to resign over a faked grope picture and Gym Jordan is moved to the Intelligence Committee amid credible accusations of covering up a sexual abuse scandal at OSU?

just want to make sure I'm not missing something

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Why is @SenGillibrand so silent about pervert protector @Jim_Jordan ? She called for @alfranken to resign and he didn't even do anything worth resigning over!

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Could it be that Big Jim the Con, is going down too????

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Folks, we all know why @jim_jordan did NOTHING to protect the dozens of teen boys who were sexually molested under his watch. Jordan got off on it. He thought it was one big joke. Jordan is as perverted as the OSU doctor who committed the abuse.
#JimJordanKnew #JimJordanResign

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Jim Jordan - appointed to the House Intel Committee w/impeachment hearings set to begin - IGNORED warnings about an OSU doctor, accused of sexually abusing nearly 200 men over 2 DECADES. #JimJordanKnew

#JimJordanResign, you are NOT fit to be objective! 💔

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Calls grow for Jim Jordan to resign over refusal to confront sexual misconduct as #JimJordanKnew trends

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Why did Katie Hill resign for consensual sex but Gym Jordan knowingly ignores that children were being molested and just goes on his merry way, threatening federally protected witnesses, lying to the American ppl...?

This misogynist society really sucks.

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Allow me to be clear on my opinion of what’s really happening here. Not only was Jordon aware of that which was going on, I’d bet you 10 to 1 he was an active participant! The only individual whom he’s trying to protect and covering for is Jim Jordon himself! Believe that!

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EVERY predator and their enablers must be held accountable, including elected officials. We deserve better. No wonder we lack fair and just laws and protections when rape culture is perpetuated by legislators & ppl in positions of power. #TimesUp #TakeOutTheTrash

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I am appointing @Jim_Jordan to the Intelligence Committee—which has now become the Impeachment Committee—where he will continue fighting for fairness and truth. @RepRickCrawford has been an exemplary member of the committee and will rejoin it when this Democrat charade is over.

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Katie Hill resigned over a consensual affair with a staffer. Bill Clinton was impeached. Jim Jordan stood by silently while tens if not hundreds of young men entrusted to his care as their coach were subjected to sexual abuse & did nothing.

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Whatever you do, don't get #StepDownJimJordan trending. It would hurt Jordan's feelings and no one wants that.

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