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@AndyOstroy @NikkiHaley Another #TraitorTrump supporter who puts her salary over her loyalty to America.

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@PsyDame @chetjon81 @RandiBlank @509ShawnG @OffUber @DanScavino @realDonaldTrump @HouseGOP @SenateGOP Well, I'm not saying #TraitorTrump IS the antichrist, but I've never seen them in the same room together ...

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@in_pubs Perhaps @realDonaldTrump loyal supporters and the @GOP will now see for themselves that #TraitorTrump puts Russia before America. No other American President has ever put Russia first and don't forget one of Trump's main catchphrase is "America first". He has lied to you all

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#TraitorTrump learning that in politics people will talk either because they have no integrity, or because they DO have integrity, but they will talk. His lies are catching up to him. #Resist #TheResistance #Arms4Dirt #Arms4Dirt #Arms4Dirt #Arms4Dirt

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@charliekirk11 @realDonaldTrump MILLIONS MORE Americans voted AGAINST #TraitorTrump

TENS OF MILLIONS MORE have voted AGAINST #TraitorTrump in the last midterm election

Putin voted for #TraitorTrump. Americans didn't

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@wndrlst4 @pamwallace Patience, the next person will undo all this damage.

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@ReSista_Barb Who in the hell is leading this country anyway, #TraitorTrump or #InsanityHannity ?? 🤮 SMH ! Enough is enough ! #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

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@mmpadellan Drumpf is finally #1 at something!

He's been waiting for that his whole life.


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@realDonaldTrump @seanhannity @FoxNews #TraitorTrump ,Putin elected Rump to serve him-which Rump does everyday in every way- including Ukraine. Extort Ukraine: 1. No weapons against Putin, 2. lies abt Putin’s innocence in the US elections & 3. throw in some lies about Biden too. 2 for Putin. 1 for trump. 0 for USA

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@riotwomennn Muahahahaha

#TraitorTrump goes to Dallas, calls Texas great, tornadoes come down and wreck Dallas. The Houston Astros LOSE the world Series days later

#TraitorTrump goes to KY for Bevin. Bevin loses

#TraitorTrump goes to Alabama. Alabama loses for the lst time in years

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@girlsreallyrule Yeah you see that how she looks she's got that stepford wife look..or did she just turn into Ivanka Trump!
No more kool-aid for her!! #TraitorTrump 🇺🇸

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@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump The experts are seeing a "bleak 'new normal'" right now, sadly. Trump is destroying our country from within - with full Republican complicity. #TraitorTrump #GOPComplicitTraitors

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Suggested #ImpeachmentHearings titles for #NBC

Quit Pro Ho

Peeling the Orange MAGAfucker

Fox Unfriended Me

This is Ass

Poo Tang-Orange Don in da House

#TraitorTrump #TuesdayThoughts #tuesdayvibes

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@NTarnopolsky @AP Just how many of those children have been illegally adopted by American families after their parents were deported? And how much 💵 did #TraitorTrump and company make off this entire scam, from detention to "sale" of the kids? #BorderCrisis #stolenchildren #HumanRightsViolations

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@IvankaTrump You only serve yourself. It's your family trait. #ImpeachTrump

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Mob boss to host war criminal at White House on Wednesday.

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@realDonaldTrump #DiaperDonnie suffering #Hamberder overload before bed. Tomorrow your world comes crashing down. Sleep well #TraitorTrump #ImpeachTrump

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What Roger Stone's trial revealed about Donald Trump and WikiLeaks

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Impeachment eve. Wondering if any republicans will finally put our country before themselves and their own interests. Wondering also what he has on each and every one of them. Bribery is illegal as is extortion. He is guilty of both. Enough! #ImpeachmentHearings #TraitorTrump

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Senators will be jurors in an impeachment trial, but many Republicans aren’t interested in watching the House hearings. "I think it is a political sideshow and I have more important things to do," John Cornyn told ⁦@tedbarrettcnn

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@GurbachDavid I agree! Absolutely disgusting! #TraitorTrump welcomes cruel dictators to OUR WH! The #GOPCorruptionOverCountry will be on hand to fawn over despicable Erdogan!

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@DanScavino @realDonaldTrump 🤔

Lavrov participated in Trump's then-secret 2016 WH meeting with the Russians.

Now on Russian TV, Lavrov jokes about US election interference, Trump retreating, then returning to take Syria's oil & the overall inconsistency of Trump's Kurdish policy.

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Public impeachment hearings start 12 hours from right now.

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Trump is a traitor. Trump personally talked about the Wikileaks schedule to release all those emails, before it happened. He knew they were part of a broader attack on America. He knew about everything. So did Pence. And so did the rest of his dirty campaign. Trump is a traitor.

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