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It was always about more than hockey @Valiant_Doc #VegasBorn

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Sadly i wasn’t able to watch this game. I dont know ho the guys played, but atleast they were able to get the one point.
#VegasBorn @GoldenKnights

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Here we go.

The @oyolasvegas “Play of the Day.”

Vote by going to the quoted tweet. Is it Alex Tuch’s goal, or Jonathan Marchessault’s goal?

You decide. #VegasBorn

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We want to hear from you for our Play of the Day brought to you by @oyolasvegas , one of these will be the Play of the Day on Friday’s VGK Insiders Show with @VGKFrank and @RyanHockeyGuy

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Alex Tuch is on fire 🔥 #VegasBorn

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.@Valiant_Doc What an incredible film! It perfectly captured every critical moment of Season 1. The @GoldenKnights changed my life for good & this is exactly how I remember it.


@SinBinVegas thanks for your work on this project. 🙏

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One has to let subbans indolence .... condition has them!

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Interesting stat from the Golden Knights' 3-2 OT loss to the #Isles:

New York's fourth line of Cal Clutterbuck, Casey Cizikas and Matt Martin combined for 14 hits, one more than the entire #VegasBorn team registered. (Hits were 39-13 overall.)

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I cried, I laughed, I loved @Valiant_Doc. I’ve spent 2 years telling people they will never understand what the Knights mean to Vegas because they weren’t here to experience it. But if you watch this, you’lol get it. My favorite quote, “you were proud to be from Vegas” #VegasBorn

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@Jason_Aldean one more day of work until I get to see Jason Aldean. Last time, Was Oct.1. #vegasstrong #VegasBorn

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See you guys on Tuesday!!

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Oooohhh myyy freaking goooodness it's Baby Yoda with a @GoldenKnights Jersey ahhhh ooooohh myy freaking goooodness this is everything this is ahmazing!!!🤗🤗🎄🎄🎄☃️☃️🎄🎄🎄👠👠

# #VegasBorn

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Hey @nateschmidt29 you did amazing today you and Cody G looking forward to all the damage y’all do #VegasBorn

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#TBT to our #VegasHouseband performing Queen tunes at @bbowlvegas, what a RAD time 🙏 #SchoolofRock #sorvegas #MusicEducation #VegasBorn #VegasMusic #VegasRock #VegasCulture @ Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

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I watched the #VegasBorn #GoldenKnights play against all 3 #NYC-area #NHL teams this week (I saw the Islanders at Nassau, not Barclays).

Now I'm going to rank the experience of going to #NYR, #NJDevils & #Isles games on different factors. Let me know if you agree. (1/6)

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Official attendance for VGK @ NYI is 13,117 (83%)

NYI is currently 30th in attendance averaging 12,095 (76.5%) fans per game

#VegasBorn #Isles

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So.... I’ve been doing Postmates during the game. Had only one bad delivery (on the customer, not me... but she made it like it was me... but whatever). But that’s what I get for hustling on a game Knight. 😂 But as for the Knights: 5 of 6 points ain’t bad! #VegasBorn

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Tonight’s recap from a great game at the Old Barn via @NHLdotcom #Isles #VegasBorn #NHL

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Well the Blackhawks Won in OT to the Bruins (4-3), the Knights Lost in OT to the Islanders (2-3), and the Bears Beat the Cowboys in Regulation (24-31)...overall was a Good Sports night at my house #Blackhawks #VegasBorn #Bears100

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I might be alone on this thought, but I think @GoldenKnights should keep Subban in for another game until he loses in regulation. Hes been honestly great. 👍⚔ #vgk #VegasBorn

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Joe Thornton is a real piece of shit. He’s been a loser his entire career. Even the people of San Jose know it. Teams where he was on the top line failed miserably. The Bruins finally won it all after he was gone a while. #SJSharks #VegasBorn #NHL

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Continuation on a theme #VegasBorn

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@GoldenKnights Yes!! You did great keeping them out of the net tonight! 🥶 🏒🙌🏼 Great Game Suub! #GoKnightsGo #VegasBorn

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If you missed the #Isles big win tonight over #VegasBorn, no need to worry! As always you can catch all of our intermission features right here. After one, @grantd9897 took a look back at the short history that New York and Vegas have. Listen here:

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Was awed and humbled by the number of #VegasBorn fans @NYIslanders tonight. Keep being proud and keep being you!

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Turk may've been happy with the game and the point, but I had to be smuggled into the arena in the back of some old dude's pants. So I was pretty disappointed not to end up on the ice after the indignity I suffered. #VegasBorn #GoKnightsGo #VGK #VGKTalk #GoldenKnights

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Subban did a great job while Fleury was away. Now the Golden Knights are at full strength. Time to make a playoff push. Go Knights Go! #VegasBorn

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🎥 Gallant: If we keep playing like this, we're going to win a lot of hockey games. I'm really pleased with our group.

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Post game recap of #Vegasborn vs #Isles Our ⁦@stevecarp56⁩ was there.

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#VegasBorn Cody Glass: Returns value Thursday -

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#VegasBorn Jon Merrill: Generates helper -

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What’s not to love about this kid. #VegasBorn

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Tuch on not knowing whether he scored: "There was earlier in the season where I went double-post and out, so I'm not celebrating until they tell me it's a legit goal. I had to make sure I skate by the bench and I'm like, 'That went in right?' and they're like, 'Yep.' " #VegasBorn

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🎥 Glass: We stood in there right to the end. I felt we played a really solid game and just didn't get the outcome we wanted.

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heading home with 5 points we didn't have before

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Still, much success on this trip we had.

But go home we must.

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Presented without comment.

Joe Thornton. Petr Mrazek.

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The dude is back 🌸 #VegasBorn

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