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@Samuel33691681 Don't forget to do the right thing and #VoteHimOut

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Poll time

Seagoing personnel already lining up to vote at the Kuisebmond Community Hall. The polling stations are opening at 07h00 for the special voting. There are four polling stations in Walvis Bay.

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@washingtonpost “Yes, we can” survive another trump term. We are better than trump. I hope we don’t have to though. #VoteHimOut please.

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What’s wrong with Republicans? This one refuses to understand and admit #trump obstructed justice, committed bribery, illegally solicited foreign donations, witness tampered, lied to investigators, abused power, violated his oath. #DoYourJob #ImpeachAndRemove or we’ll #VoteHimOut

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@DevinNunes @GreggJarrett Nice try Nunes, but it won’t work! #VoteHimOut

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"A counter terrorism expert believes that Donald Trump’s current worldview was “manufactured” by Russia — and the damage the president is doing to the global standing of the United States could last for decades" #TrumpMustGo either by #Impeachment or we #VoteHimOut

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@ThomTillis Why would our distinguished veterans, defenders of our nation, support a man who paid foreign agents to conduct a PsyOps attack against the country they swore to protect?!?

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Unconscionable. #MAGA people, if you’re OK with this policy and consider yourself a Christian, you may want to hit the Bible studies a little harder.


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Because American consumers, farmers & businesses aren’t being hurt enough by #TRUMP’s previous #TrumpTariffs, he’s threatening more. 😑 #VoteHimOut

The #TrumpTradeWar is hurting America.

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Adam Schiff’s impeachment screen play isn’t turning out as he hoped. Act I was the Russia collusion hoax, which failed to give him his chosen ending. Then came Act II, the tall tale of Ukraine.

This sham inquiry is DC politics at its worst and Americans know it.

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I love this. Let’s take him down! He doesn’t deserve to be in a position of public trust. He is unfit, corrupt & an enabler so he has to go! He in no way, shape or form represent his constituents best interests. #VoteHimOut

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@realDonaldTrump It’s funny that the DACA program prohibits felons from participating in the program. Tell the truth for once, douchebag. #VoteHimOut @seanhannity @POTUS @GOP @IngrahamAngle @foxandfriends @FoxFriendsFirst @MigrantFreedom @ImmFamTogether @NIJC @ImmJusticeNOW @theYoungCenter

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Well hold a sec. @realDonaldTrump you inherited this WONDERFUL economy from @BarackObama. Plus, the GDP is the lowest since you took office. I wouldn’t define your progress as winning unless your are a pathetic, untruthful narcissistic. #VoteHimOut #pathetic #yourefired

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@shannonrwatts @SenFitzgerald @MomsDemand .@SenFitzgerald is running for Jim Sensenbrenner’s old seat so he can do to the US what he’s done to WI... ignore the will of the people and leave us less safe. He better #EXPECTUS WI MOMS. Winters are long and cold and we have nothing better to do than get ppl to #VoteHimOut

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He bought an ugly painting of himself with funds from his charity& paid past business debts. #DrainTheSwamp #VoteBlue2020 #VoteHimOut #ImpeachAndRemove

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Good grief, from a bad planet it seems #votehimout

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Jordan really said that? WOW he is not only a sexual perversion enabler but also is deluded...absolutely delusional.

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@ChuckGrassley This upsets you Chuck but violating federal law for failure to report to a subpoena and treason are all good? #WakeUpAmerica #votehimout #TrumpExtorted

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@jim_jordan you forget that we know how much you lie and how much you're someone who's only out to disrupt legal proceedings and make them a @gop circus. I believe the guys reporting you as ignoring their reports when they were young. It's #MeToo you fool, #resign #votehimOUT

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@realDonaldTrump This is a flat out LIE - I am so tired that we allow the @POTUS to LIES so blatantly that It feels no one even cares anymore. #votehimout #stopthelies

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@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Fake news and you know it! These are alternative facts, and not based in reality at all! #VoteHimOut #LockHimUp

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"Anyone who has followed my political career knows that I'm NOT the type of person to ignore wrongdoing"
-Gym Jordan (R) Ohio 🙄

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New piece of Resistance Poetry from me: Trumpkin: Crackpot #Trump #ResistancePoetry #Crackpot #Poetry #VoteHimOut #Poetry

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"NJPP ... reports that the bill "uses broad and arbitrary metrics to pause increases in the minimum wage, cheating workers and families already struggling to make ends meet." Agreed. Worse yet, it ties their future to factors outside of their control."

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#WillHurd (R-TX) remember this #RINO at the voting booth! #VoteHimOut

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So glad that @NYGovCuomo is finally cracking down on the scourge that are churro venders in the subway. Really terrific to see our tax dollars wasted on attacking immigrants trying to make an honest living. #sarcasm #votehimout

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@NaomiAKlein @leftyaaron There’s a “dude” behaving criminally in the WH!! #NotMeUs #VoteHimOut 💩

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@SpeakerPelosi @senatemajldr He has said he will Not pass any Bills to better our Country. #Votehimout

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Big news! 🚨🚨🚨

Rep. @DonaldNorcross comes out against bill to suspend the $15 minimum wage:

“This is an irresponsible proposal that will harm both workers and businesses. This proposal should be rejected by the Senate Labor Committee.” #RaiseTheWage

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No other country held as many immigrant children in detention over the past year as the United States _ 69,550. The physical and emotional scars are profound. @chrisshermanap @garanceburke @mendozamartha @frontlinepbs

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Is there still room for an anti-abortion hardliner in the Democratic Party?

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Can American democracy survive a second Trump term?

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Economy is BOOMING. Seems set to have yet another record day!

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There’s only one way to move this country forward - to vote Conservative

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Very smart ad from @harrisonjaime, who is running against Lindsey Graham, and with perfect timing.

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THIS IS STUNNING> Never mind that the GOP could decide to re-elect trump, regardless of how we vote, RUSSIA could do that, too. Or ANYONE ELSE. Why has this NOT been addressed? #Resistance #Voting #Corruption

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