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Thank you Jacqueline Wilson for voicing the concerns of the silent/silenced majority. Methinks the trans lobby have picked on the wrong target. #cfMartina #WeLoveJacqueline

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Jacqueline Wilson has been criticised for her comments on transgender children, days after another Puffin author got into hot water on the issue:

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Merci @SNCB @jgalant74 pour le retard du train Bruxelles-Mons. Grâce à vous, j'ai pu prendre mon train! 😄 #GoodDay #WeLoveJacqueline

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So, @JacLaurita ... Did you appreciate Teresa's diss tonight? #RHONJ #WeLoveJacqueline

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Congratulations to our Queen @Asli_Jacqueline for completing 8 Million Fans on facebook! #WeLoveJacqueline

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Soon it will be 700k followers for @Asli_Jacqueline on Twitter! Yayyy :) #WeLoveJacqueline

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THE way you RuN #Kick is the extra FUEL for you @Asli_Jacqueline :-)
Love your performance miss

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You *expressions* in #kick . Can't define.
This the reason we all love you miss @Asli_Jacqueline

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Her *EXPRESSIONS* Such A Romantic @Asli_Jacqueline
Love U Tones♥ http://t.co/PBYsgNthN4

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The way you DANCE !
#WeLoveJacqueline@Asli_Jacqueline http://t.co/BZ9XOe7azf

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"@Jacqueline_Fans: #Kick is ruling hearts! More power to our Queen @Asli_Jacqueline#WeLoveJacqueline http://t.co/Y9leSlbnQ5"

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#Kick is ruling hearts! More power to our Queen @Asli_Jacqueline#WeLoveJacqueline http://t.co/7moM6SF6Rc

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Our fanclub's 1000th tweet goes to @Asli_Jacqueline & all the Jacqueline fans that follow our FC! Thank you guys :) #WeLoveJacqueline

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Congrats @Asli_Jacqueline for completing 4k tweets! Thanks for always being here for your fans :) #WeloveJacqueline

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Congratulations @Asli_Jacqueline for completing 400k followers on Twitter! #WeLoveJacqueline

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come on guys tell us wh u love the lovely charming @Asli_Jacqueline with this trend #WeLoveJacqueline

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@BeingAzamAzmi @Asli_Jacqueline Kamaal karte ho Yaar Aazmi Bhai :)Hum to bas ek Chote se Fan hai Jacque k BTW hell yeah #WeLoveJacqueline

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Jacqueline reached 150K followers on Twitter. yay! #WeLoveJacqueline @Asli_Jacqueline

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@jacquelineMjos i think you should come visit northern ireland give me and @JennaWr19587024 a chance to meet you xx #welovejacqueline

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@_sydneylouise @jacquelineMjos jacqueline once you come online please follow us #welovejacqueline #followusjacqueline x

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@JennaWr19587024 @jacquelineMjos i would do anything just as long as i got a follow,would mean the world!please follow us #welovejacqueline

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@jacquelineMjos we'll not gibe up until you follow us! Just please please follow us! We'd be soo happy :) @Erin_Robinson_ #welovejacqueline

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@jacquelineMjos please follow/ tweet/ retweet me and @Erin_Robinson_ please we've tried for ages! #teamjacqueline #welovejacqueline xxxxx

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@jacquelineMjos please follow me and @Erin_Robinson_ we love you lotssssssssss!!! Please <3<3 #welovejacqueline

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@jacquelineMjos please follow me and @JennaWr19587024 please #welovejacqueline 💜😊x

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@JennaWr19587024 @jacquelinemjos yeah hope so 💙💜💚 #welovejacqueline hope she reads them 😄

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@jacquelineMjos please also tell David that he is my fav actor an your my fav actress 😊 would appreciate it x #welovejacqueline

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@JennaWr19587024 @jacquelinemjos same I'm askin my ma if I can meet her and mayb David 💖 #welovejacqueline 😊

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