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House Republicans add Jordan to Intel panel for impeachment probe

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NEW, now official: @Jim_Jordan to join House Intell., a move made intentionally to sharpen, toughen GOP questions when the committee holds open hearings next week.

Notable: Meadows, Zeldin not put on the committee.

Taking the hit: Rep. Rick Crawford, R-AR, leaving committee.

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New lawsuit: Rep. Jim Jordan's cousin retaliated against Ohio State whistleblower

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@AaronBlake How tf is Jim Jordan still in Congress???

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@Matthew_D_Hall @natalee_jill Well, dayummmmm!!! Okay, okay, okay, “Brother”!!!!!! #WrestleManiac #mattthevault

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@PrincessBravato #Wrestlemaniac let’s make it trend!

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I don’t watch wrestling but I got

Flashdance Wilfried Zara
Gothic Simon Cowell

Let’s go! #wrestlemaniac

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Stop the GIF twice.

That's the main event of Wrestlemania.

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Hey @jmch316 ... #WWE is live, with a ring setup, on the Fox plaza in NY. Is your show broadcasting live from ringside?


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@Bill_Maxwell_ Make #GymJordan wear a fucken suit jacket. I’m blinded by his lack of class and decorum and missed every word McCarthy said.

This isn’t the the @OhioStAthletics locker room.


@OhioStateAlumni @OhioState is this ok?

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Rep. Jim Jordan Is Named in New OSU Sexual Abuse Scandal Lawsuit – Rolling Stone

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Looking for WWE news and colorful commentary check outKipper’s feed. #KingOfTheRing #WWE #futurehalloffamer #Twisted #WWENetwork #WWEnews #playbyplay #buddingreporter #wrestlemaniac

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Come on gable you got this man #KingOfTheRing

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"A gauntlet of sexual deviancy": Russ Hellickson, the wrestling coach who came to OSU in 1980s, says he often caught men having sex in team's practice room & a nearby stairwell. His wrestlers complained about the men's behavior, Hellickson said. #GymKnew

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@JsmallSAINTS @WWE @AEWrestling @IMPACTWRESTLING @ringofhonor @njpwglobal I have this feeling we are gonna see another popularity boom soon...or has it already begun...?

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@Jim_Jordan I would think the question you're asked all the time is
#WrestleManiac #OhioState
#JimJordanMustResign #Ohio Shame

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Fourth Ohio State wrestler says Rep. Jim @GOP Jordan(R) knew of team doctor's abuse @LindseyGrahamSC @DonaldJTrumpJr @HouseGOP @senatemajldr @SenateGOP @SenShelby @johnthune @CIA @DOJ @FBI

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@Jim_Jordan Yeah, uh no, #Gym. You know that's simply Not True. More #GOPLies
Just like you deny your #OhioState observations., YOU ARE COMPLICIT IN SEXUAL ABUSE and disloyal to those you lived that #Truth. Your own friends. #Shame
#Wrestlemaniac #OhioStateAlum

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@HullKiwi Giving out free chiropractic services. #WrestleManiac

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When is the Ethics Committee going to be investigating Jim Jordan?

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Now that the abuse has been confirmed, WHAT SAY YOU, Gym? @Jim_Jordan

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The kids wouldnt go to sleep tonight until I played the entrance music for @chorleydave @SugarDunkerton, #DonGato @MsCharlotteWWE and the #WrestleManiac.
My kids are awesome!
#Disco #SugarSugar #CandyGirl #GetUpOffaThatThing #Wooooo #TheresNoLimit

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Who wants to see my full wrestling match from WHITE COLLAR WRESTLING 4?

@PCW_UK are taking orders for the DVD. The more they sell the cheaper it is.

Send me a DM if you want one.


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Congratulations to all WRESTLEMANIACS 👏

Kindly DM us your details to claim the official #WWE merchandise!

#SPNSports #WrestleManiac #WrestleMania

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Powerful No More GOP Rep. Jim Jordan accused of turning blind eye to sexual abuse as Ohio State wrestling coach! Judge wants to hear from him in Ohio! Sexual Abuse!

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Last week I was a #whitecollar wrestler.
I think I was possessed by the spirit of the @UltimateWarrior and I became the #WrestleManiac all to raise money for a special litle boy

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Angela Merkel is showing everyone the footage of the #WrestleManiac* Vs @bigtjustice at @PCW_UK's #WhiteCollarWrestling 4

*Actually it was a 3 on 1 handicap match but I still got squashed

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#Brexit banter?

What on Earth is on Angela Merkel’s screen... 👀

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