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Sabes que eres #teamketchup cuando lo primero que haces cuando te dicen que en tu casa hay pasteles y abres la nevera instantáneamente pa ver si queda #ketchup antes de celebrar que hay #pasteles 🇵🇷🌲🎅 #pastelesconketchup #teamketchup #navidadboricua #diasporablues

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america-canada- ...

you carry your suffering like pride. too heavy to share.
the ones at home are waiting for harvest.
you will bear the cultivation.
©️Karimot Odebode
#merrychristmas #poetry #diasporablues

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'So, here you are, too foreign for home ,
too foreign for here. Never enough for both."

#diasporablues #8yearsaway

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LINE messages with my sister as she flies home from Taoyuan #diasporablues

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They got Joy Division playing in the Auditorium at work and I'm getting emotional.
I miss going to punk/hardcore/metal/goth shows so much 😭 #diasporablues

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"so, here you are
too foreign for home
too foreign for here.
never enough for both."
#IjeomaUmebinyuo #diasporablues

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Update: Four hours later and they closed the door on us. There were literally five people in front of me.

Beyond exhausted. #diasporaBlues

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Been in a queue for two and a half hours to ask the Prefect's office for an appointment to change the address on my residence permit. Sigh. #diasporaBlues

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Just had a random craving to be in the rurals, listening to my late granny speaking in Sotho & helping my cousins roast some fresh meat over an open fire under the star studded night sky.

I just want to be far far far away with my family. #diasporaBlues

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When you have less representation there is more writing on your back to represent #Diasporablues

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تغترب تجي تلقاها عرسوها
تقعد يجي مغترب يعرسها 😂

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Eating my matooke & binyebwa dinner without that sweet ova or nakati is going to hurt my Ugandan soul. But we move regardless.😭 #DiasporaBlues

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@Cory_Henry I was so confused about this tweet until I realized you meant the “Football” that’s played with the hand 🤦🏾‍♀️ #DiasporaBlues

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Trying to help my mom remain positive as she panics cause of the earthquake in Puerto Rico and the supposed impending storm. #HurricaneMaria created trauma that will last generations to come. #diasporablues

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SSA: You will need other savings, investments, pensions, or retirement accounts to live comfortably when you retire.

My dad: I have a daughter. She's my asset.

#diasporablues #immigrantparents

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One of those rainy morning where you think about life and it's complexities. And, you remember that quote from #diasporablues -

'so, here you are
too foreign for home
too foreign for here
never enough for both' @…

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@YousraElbagir Praying for order and peaceful forward movement in the dystopia following three whole decades without a functional democracy. #diasporablues

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@PeterSweden7 Yemeni by ancestry,Kenyan by birth;spent half lives in each, ended up living in Yemen..used to think I belong in both, but in reality I never fully belong in either, somehow, in that diversity&in falling between the gaps, I find myself standing tall in a unique place I call home.

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Phew #diasporablues are hittin harder than usual today.

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Borrowing from @inkookang. Her phrase " #DiasporaBlues" is perfect. Need a slide guitar now. #BluesMusic


Our story is about members of The #VietnameseAmerican #Diaspora #VietnameseDiaspora #WOC

#NewOrleans #NewOrleansEast

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Indeed! Came across #IjeomaUmebinyuo’s #DiasporaBlues when I moved to the US from the UK, not knowing I’d move to #hongkong a few yrs later, take part in Hong Kong International Poetry Nights @IPNHK, and get to invite her here this yr! Everyone, come to HK this Nov for @IPNHK!

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Being foreign. H/t: @tingguowrites

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Who else sometimes feels the #DiasporaBlues?

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“So here you are, too foreign for home, too foreign for here, never enough for both” - Ijeoma.
#DiasporaBlues *sighs*

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"When days are dark, friends are few." #Sjava

One day I'll tell you about the time I got stranded in Amsterdam and one of my 'best' friends told me politely to fuck off. Slept on an airport bench for six hours and took the next plane back to Geneva. #diasporaBlues

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Alta distopía, qué nivel... Imaginaba de niño un futuro chicloso y rosáceo. Nada, nos embobaron, nos embobamos. Y ahora: migrar, producir, comer, dormir, cagar, tener esperanzas, no caer en huecos, tener confianza en sí mismo, y jamas olvidar: no explotar (bis). #diásporablues

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How to fight #DiasporaBlues
-take a cycling class at glendale LA fitness by Artin Haroutunian as your instructor at 9am on a Tuesday and listen to lilit hovhannisyan as you burn calories

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“I miss my dad’s food!” - a diasporan high schooler overheard exclaiming in front of a restaurant in Yerevan. #diasporablues

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Indaba leyi yolimi singicaphulile shame. Ilizwe lethu alifuni kutshintsha, abantu abafuni kuzwisisana. Anyway happy birthday to myself. Let me go to bed. #DiasporaBlues

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Right now I'm laying in the sand soaking up the sun and listening to the waves. I can smell the sea and hear the birds #inmyhead #diasporablues #homesick

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