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We survived #droughtlander! Coming home to this completely made my day! I still can’t believe I actually won something! Thank you theofficialoutlander and 2tspwishfulthinking!! I always make time between work and…

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@SamHeughan forget #droughtlander, we’ve got “Sam social media shortage” (ok, I tried ). We’re starving Sam. 😩
I miss my “procrastination pal”. Your IG post made twitter jealous #SamHeughan

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Feeling out of the loop, but to survive my ongoing #Droughtlander watched "False Bride" to get over not seeing season 5 premier and "Wilmington" to fill in this week's void. I'm Roger-loading to the best of my ability. @RRankinFans @rankinblueyes @RRankinBrain @AngusAngels

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To celebrate the end of #droughtlander I read Diana Gabaldon's first book #Outlander.... And... Well... Oof.🤦🤦🤦🤦 #bookreviews #booktube #booktuber #authortuber #amreading

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@chaquita91 bring us these episodes to only have "fans" complain it's either too sappy or too brutal. The books are beyond brutal. They are entitled to their opinions as are we but it's like wow. Y'all complained about #droughtlander and now that it's over y'all still complaining

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Me: "Yay, it's Sunday and #droughtlander is over. Time for some Outlander."

Starz website: *completely black*

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.GEEZ! Stephen Bonnet is evil! Truly savage in S5 EP.2. I don't handle blood and guts too well so feeling a bit nauseated after this episode. 🤢 Great episode though! So happy #droughtlander is over. #OutlanderCAN #Outlander

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@Outlander_starz is on tonight with @SamHeughan and catrionabalfe. I am so glad #Droughtlander is over. Because I have been hooked on this show since the first season wedding episode. I still haven't read the…

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Take a look at @MCLCloss' review of the OUTLANDER series premiere, "The Fiery Cross"

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What an emotional opening for the new season, I will never get over the talent and commitment gone into each and every episode

EPIC, especially the fiery cross and all the oaths.

No more #droughtlander


#SamHeughan #CaitrionaBalfe @SamHeughan @caitrionambalfe

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That’s great to hear that #UKTVNeedsOutlander trended!!Pleased #Droughtlander is now over and #Outlander @Outlander_STARZ is now back on @primevideouk for all UK fans👍🏽😀

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@colinmcfarlane @primevideouk @Outlander_STARZ Oh we were a miserable bunch when it was airing in the US and not here. We had massive Twitter campaigns #UKTVNeedsOutlander trended many times. So Yes-we’ve been here from before the beginning 😁

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#Droughtlander really is over 💎😭😭🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥
#OutlanderS5 #Outlander we got emojis too 😍

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Had to choose between watching the #DemDebate tonight or the @Outlander_STARZ S5 premiere. Thank you @ewarren for making my choice to tune into @MSNBC worthwhile. Your debate performance is totally worth another day of #Droughtlander.

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#Droughtlander is over yay me and moms fav show

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I'm a little sad Frank isn't around to see Brianna get married #Droughtlander is ova #Outlander #TheFrasers

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So I may or may not have gotten a tad bit distracted with a certain someone and shopping online for gaming things.... BUT, I just remembered that #Droughtlander is over 😭😭😭

#Outlander #currentlywatching

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Stopped typing so I can watch #Outlander so that I can listen to @JenBrister and @maureenyounger on #droughtlander

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@inspirefitness8 @SamHeughan We needed that moment like we needed oxygen. Kiss off, #Droughtlander!💪🏻

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In case you needed a reminder after the long #Droughtlander that @SamHeughan DOES completely own and embody #JamieFraser. Just check out (sorry, don't 'ken' how to do film clips) #Ep501 @Outlander_STARZ at 9.18 mark, as #Bree's Da lightly drums the table... #weddingjitters. 👈x

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fitting of me to have this on my water bottle since #droughtlander is over
Sunday’s in style 😌

@SamHeughan’s influence

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One more update of my drawing. Should be done in a few days. Onto his hair #outlander #droughtlander #dianagabaldon #art #drawing #books #starz #outlanderstarz #scotland #coloredpencils #samheughan #sassenach #love

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Some mrdavidberry from the @outlander_starz #outlander #premiere #lordjohngrey #droughtlander is over! @ The Hollywood Palladium

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New episode of the podcast is up! I promise I'll get back to Monday postings in the future. I chat about The Green Knight, The Eternals, The Photograph, movies coming out this week, TV ( #droughtlander has ended!!!),…

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Sing me a song of a lass that is gone... it’s finally time for #droughtlander to be over as after a busy few days I can actually sit down to watch the first episode of season 5!!! #OutlanderS5 #excited

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Hey folks, my review of #TheFieryCross episode 5-01 of #Outlander will by going online very soon!

Why not catch up on my #Droughtlander preview videos while the new one finishes baking?

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The drought is over #Droughtlander

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Still so proud of my Bree cosplay! My nana did good work!
#Outlander #Droughtlander #BreeFraser #BreeRandallFraser @SkeltonSophie

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In case anyone else had issues with the @GlobalTV app trying to end #Droughtlander with W Network.

#Outlander 🇨🇦

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@TierneeM I made it through my first #Droughtlander by binge watch all 4 season a gazillion times, and then I started reading the books to fill in the gaps. Now I’m reading Book 5, and thankfully ahead of Episode 501 so I can anticipate what’s coming up. Also rewatching 501 all week. 😁

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