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Join us for a laugh out loud improv show this Thursday at the Renaissance Performing Arts Center Theatre. Tickets available at the door.


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Huge shout out to @BeverlyMoutet and @kellyanlb for creating vulnerable coaching practice tonight. Growth comes from actively seeking feedback to get better and what we do. #proudtobeLBUSD.

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Pinching myself in my SDSU class tonight! Privileged to learn from @DFISHERSDSU and @NancyFrey It’s going to be a great semester! #ProudToBeLBUSD

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Join #ProudtobeLBUSD Chat Wed. 1/22/20 from 7-7:30pm PST as we chat about Mid-Year Reflections: How Are We Doing? #ProudtobeLBUSD

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@Mrs_SORich @SpedCurrLBUSD I am ready and love being able to be a part of round two in choosing curriculum for our students with special needs!! What a recommended experience! #proudtobeLBUSD #specialeducationcurriculumplanning

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Building strong relationships with students and their families by introducing them to their high school readiness guide. In addition by having parent submit their core survey. @wms_patriotslb @DrRoshann @eli_lund @COREdistricts @MSK8LBUSD #proudtobeLBUSD

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Celebrating the hard work, as well as the impeccable example that these three remarkable human beings show themselves to be each and every day @BixbyLBUSD. Such a special day for our community. Thank you, Mr. Jorge, Mr. Michael, and Mr. Sal! #ProudtobeLBUSD #ProudtobeBixby

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Love collaborating with Ms. Lam to teach phonics, conversational English, reading, listening and writing to our Newcomers! Born to teach kids to thrive #proudtobelbusd @MSK8LBUSD

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Welcome to Ms. Lam! She’s taking our EL Intervention for Newcomers to #NextLevel #Proudtobelbusd @MSK8LBUSD @DrRoshann @DianaEHernande2 @eli_lund

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Thank you to our families and @LeadershipLB for our beautiful @LafayetteLions1 community garden! 🌱💐 We LOVE IT!!! 😍 #proudtobeLBUSD #parentengagement #ourstory #MLKDayofService

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At Bixby ES we love these three humble guys!Today we had our first #BixbyWalkofFame to celebrate the #thefacesofBixby. Jorge,Sal and Michael work tirelessly and always with a smile on their faces to make our school what it is.We love our custodians! #proudtobeLBUSD #proudtobeBixby

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Ending the day with our Teacher Leader Coaching cohort! Tonight we’re diving into feedback via our coaching fishbowl. #proudtobeLBUSD

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Jordan High School students get hands-on fire science experience #proudtobelbusd

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LBCC Board of Trustees President Vivian Malauulu endorses Erik Miller in Long Beach Unified school board bid

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Students in violin class at renovated Bixby Elementary School auditorium. More about Bixby project:
#proudtobelbusd #BixbyLBUSD #bixbyelementary #schoolbondsproject

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Glad to be able to recognize one of the amazing Rec Aides on our campus. Thanks @SpedCurrLBUSD for shining a spotlight on all the good work happening in our District. #allmeansALL #proudtobeLBUSD #weAreLosCerritos

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Join us Wednesday 1/22/20 at 7PM
for our weekly #proudtobeLBUSD chat!

Topic: Midyear Reflections

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Invitation to Bid #FAC19-1920: Fire Alarm - Phase 5 (5 sites). For more info:
#proudtobelbusd #projectouttobid #firealarm #lbschoolbonds

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Invitation to Bid #FAC21-1920: Security and Perimeter Fencing (3 sites). For more info:
#proudtobelbusd #projectouttobid #securityfencing #perimeterfencing #lbschoolbonds

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Nothing means more than being acknowledged by your own colleagues. Thanks @SpedCurrLBUSD for the All Means All bag! #proudtobeLBUSD

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Please RSVP by texting LBUSD RECRUITMENT to 52855
#LBUSDrecruitment #proudtobeLBUSD

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Awesome Dragon Manager meeting led by @tracyhalllbc where teachers are Hacking School Discipline! #proudtobeLBUSD

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#InclusionTuesday "You have a responsibility to make inclusion a daily thought, so we can get rid of the word 'inclusion'." -Theodore Melfi #InclusionTuesday #LeadingwithEquity #proudtobeLBUSD

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@RealMsCombs This is the perfect place for Teacher Librarians to teach/co-teach! Reach out to them... #powerofTLs #proudtobeLBUSD

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Good luck to all the Jackrabbits during finals week!! 🐰📚📝 #LBPoly #ProudtobeLBUSD

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A 3-day weekend only leads to #SelfCareSunday on the dance floor. I was finally able to enjoy an evening of Salsa, Bachata, and Cumbia dancing. #proudtobeLBUSD

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Join me and the @lbmarshallpta for dinner at Glory Days in Lakewood. #proudtobeLBUSD

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Congratulation to our very own Cabrillo soccer player!! Keep up the hard work out on the field!! #successinthewest #theREALcabrillo #proudtobeLBUSD

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Congratulations to our Athletes of the Week and thanks to @RibCo_Naples for their sponsorship!

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Today in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy of Service, a parent-led group engaged in a community service project @LafayetteLions1 Our new school garden is amazing! #ProudtobeLBUSD #Service #ParentEngagement #CADistinguished

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Wednesday Jan 22 9am-11pm is Glory Days (Lakewood) Dinner Night! Paper flyer required. 20% of food & drink purchases (excluding specials of the day) will be donated to Marshall PTA

#PTAFundraiser #proudtobeLBUSD #DinnerNight

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Student behavior is the tip of an iceberg... @Lloyd_Wilson79 and I used to just say “iceberg” to let the other know that a student was dealing with a specific trauma or difficulty. We don’t need to share a student’s story to share that the student has a story! #proudtobeLBUSD

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From participating in the Deforest Park Neighborhood Ass. Mtg. (park reno.) to making sure all YBS members had shirts for yearbook pics to marching in J'Town's Club Unity Parade, doing the right thing takes courage, love & energy, but feels great. #LivingtheDream #Proudtobelbusd

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Our #MotivationalMonday! Moments like this make us #proudtobeLBUSD. LBUSD Toy Hackathon 2020 is already in the works and students like this motivate us to always do better. @LBSchools @SuptSteinhauser @RachelH_LB @megankerr @lucysalazar @tiffanyb4lbusd

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"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope." -Martin Luther King, Jr. #MotivationalMonday #MM #LeadingwithEquity #ProudtobeLBUSD

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"The Time is Always Right to Do What's Right." I am honored to do my very best to live in Dr. King's legacy. Last week in pictures . . .

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#ThoughtForTheDay Ever reached a point where a student’s tardiness, chronic absenteeism, lack of effort, or immature behavior frustrated or upset you, but when you learned their full story it broke your heart? See these behaviors as starting points, not ending points. #Culturize

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