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@KatTacea @LafayetteLions1 @LBUSD_ELD_DI You know it’s a special (CA Distinguished:) school when the energy, passion, and sense of community actually exceed the vibe of all of the school’s posts on Twitter. Great to have met you in person, and keep up the Distinguished work👍🏼 #ProudtobeLBUSD

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@DrSandraVelasco @LafayetteLions1 Fantastic morning of learning and community building! You organized an amazing event!! @DrSandraVelasco #ProudtobeLBUSD

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@samplatis1 @LafayetteLions1 @LBUSD_ELD_DI So wonderful to meet you in person!! It sure was an amazing day!! #ProudtobeLBUSD

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Way to go, Mia! We are so proud of you, kid! #PEACEalumna #OnceARam #AlwaysARam #ProudtobeLBUSD

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First annual Green Summit! Representing @WhittierLBUSD 😎 #proudtobeLBUSD @Ms_KelseyCooper

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@lbpolydrama ‘s cast and crew of “She Kills Monsters”... #proudtobeLBUSD

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Enjoyed an outstanding production of “She Kills Monsters” by @lbpolydrama in the Poly Playhouse tonight. #proudtobeLBUSD

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At the top of Strawberry Peak Fire Lookout Station near Lake Arrowhead. A hike with some dear friends was part of my #SelfCareSaturday #proudtobeLBUSD

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Congratulations to all our student actors for a successful three show run today of “How I Become a Pirate.” It was a great show brought to life by amazing Bruins! #gdtbab #proudtobelbusd #wilsontheatre

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Way to go @MillikanHSMB! Such a great run tonight! And congrats to all the seniors on an amazing season! Keeping my fingers crossed for Champs! 🤞🎶🐏🚩 #RamPride #ProudtobeLBUSD

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TY @Ms_KelseyCooper & @AnguianoMs for representing @WhittierLBUSD at the Green Summit! You’ve put in many hours over the past few years leading our Environmental Leadership Academy! Grateful for your teacher leadership! #proudtobeLBUSD @SuptSteinhauser @jbaker000 @DrJuanMBenitez

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Bixby Spanish Dual Immersion, for an equitable, research-based, standards-driven DI program that follows the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education, “from A-Z” (TY for the graphic, @EducatorBmls:) #ProudtobeLBUSD @LBMayorsFund4Ed @LBSchools @LBUSD_ELD_DI @EducareLALB

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Great to see so many future designers and engineers at today’s VEX Robotics Competition! Proud of our pack for both hosting and competing. ❤️🐺 #mcbridepride #proudtobelbusd @VEXRobotics

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Kudos to everyone that put their time & hearts into making the first LBUSD Green Summit such a wonderful & inspiring event happen! @WhittierLBUSD is proud to #thinkgreen & move toward our Green goals! @AnguianoMs @GradesofGreen @PamelaWeinstein @FoodFindersLBC @BYOLongBeach

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Long Beach Fire Department grills hot dogs for @lbjordanhigh Site Saturday. Eighth graders and their families came from all parts of the city to check out Jordan’s great pathways and programs. #ProudToBeLBUSD #LBJordanPanthers

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#SelfCareSaturday #proudtobeLBUSD
Sunset in the hi-dessert, Randsburg, CA

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9.5 miles with a trail running friend is my idea of #selfcaresaturday We were not looking for a long run this morning. We were looking for ALL the hills. 2k feet in under 10 miles ;) #vitaminNature #proudtobeLBUSD

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We have amazing parents & families who want to support student success. Look at this turnout for a parent institute at just 1 elementary school. Way to go @LafayetteLions1 @DrSandraVelasco & Mr. Komatz. So very #ProudToBeLBUSD

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A great opportunity to be a part of! Thank you @DrSandraVelasco for letting me share 1-2 things to these awesome parents! Parent engagement at its finest! #ProudtobeLBUSD

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Big shout-out to our rec staff for supporting @LafayetteLions1 Third Annual Parent Institute today! Their support, creativity and vigilance were fundamental to our success! 🙌🏽 #ProudtobeLBUSD #ittakesavillage 💗

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Just a hooper from Long Beach 👊

Congratulations to Mia Belvin of @UCMercedWBB for becoming the Bobcats all-time scoring leader with 1,444 career points! Enjoy this milestone!

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"Communities of color are not statistics, stereotypes, or blood quantums. 'We are our ancestors' who paved the way for what America is today." #WhyITeach #EthnicStudies #CSULB #LBESI #ProudToBeLBUSD #Goosebumps

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Twain was up early and representing for our Green Team at LBUSD’s first annual Green Summit! @lbrecycles #proudtobeLBUSD #lbtwainpta

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@samplatis1 @LafayetteLions1 @LBUSD_ELD_DI Thank you soooo much for stopping by and learning with us!! On behalf of our @LafayetteLions1 family... MIL GRACIAS for your advocacy and support of all LBUSD families. 🙌🏽 #proudtobeLBUSD 📚

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Stanford goes green at the annual summit! #proudtobeLBUSD Correa, Thai, Mulvehill, and Florez!

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@SuptSteinhauser @megankerr Thank you, @SuptSteinhauser! Your support is unparalleled. #proudtobeLBUSD 💚♻️🌎✅

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@LafayetteLions1 3rd Annual Parent Institute was beyond inspiring. Such pride, purpose, and intentional nurturing of relationships. I thoroughly enjoyed being a learner on your CA Distinguished School campus. ¡Mil gracias! #CollectiveDIefficacy #ProudtobeLBUSD @LBUSD_ELD_DI

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Lafayette is ready to go GREEN! #lafylions #proudtobeLBUSD

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Self-care is filling my heart and mind with the hopes and dreams of my powerful ancestors. Thank you, mother
@mayaangelou90 for your words which continue to inspire
me to rise!


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Students please take note, our “Romeo and Juliet” props have arrived! 🎭📖🎭 #Shakespeare #StudentEngagement #ELATeacher #ProudToBeLBUSD @polyjackrabbits

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@Jsci_tchr visit to CSULB yesterday. Getting students acclimated to their possible future educational home. #postsecondaryeducation #proudtobelbusd lbjordanhighschool

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Tweet 2/2 will now provide valuable input on titles 2 purchase with $50,000 ($45,000 District, $5,000 PTA) to build a library that reflects neuro, cultural, family structure, language, gender identification, & socioeconomic diversity.@LBSchools @ElemLBUSD #ProudtobeLBUSD @LBC_PTA

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Tweet 1/2 A diverse, inclusive, & equitable library collection & curriculum is @ the heart of Dr. King’s Dream. Proud that @BixbyLBUSD families & librarian have completed our equity audit. Our new Culturally Appreciative & Reflective Education (CARE) committee...

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This is what 100 attendees at @LafayetteLions1 Third Annual Parent Institute looks like!!! 🙌🏽 I can’t express my level of happiness to see all of our parents here today! This would not have been possible without Mr. Komatz’s support and the amazing presenters! #ProudtobeLBUSD

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Saturday morning dress rehearsal for the upcoming Renaissance production of the Agatha Christie murder mystery The Mousetrap. Show opens this week. #proudtobeLBUSD

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Self-care practices need to support health and wellness and should not be addictive, compulsive or harmful to your mind, body or bank account. #SustainingSelfCare #Health #Wellness #ProudtobeLBUSD

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Ellen Oh, co-founder of We Need Diverse Books. Kids are just looking for good stories. Every kid should be able to see themselves in the books we give them to read. #PowerofTLs #proudtobeLBUSD

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