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The one that wanted to put indoor plumbing on The Ridge to literally handle #RidgeShit... #Outlander

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Bringing in Marsali as Claire's apprentice - I'll allow it.
But, what the hell is Bree's problem? She knows the line that Claire is trying to walk - she's SUPPOSED to be walking it, too. Where is the modern engineering grad, Bullseye Briana? #Outlander #BetweenTwoFires

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THIS IS THE #RIDGESHIT we need to see

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No clue of the source, but please give us all the Jamie and Claire garden portraits please 😊

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@debra6179 @honeylipsfraser @bethorne @texastonja @BlessAmysHeart @coolstorymere I enjoyed both Little House and Dr Quinn in my yoot.. 🤔
if they can get the characters right and throw in enough #RidgeShit, I think I can whistle past a lot of stuff!

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@thecool_table Marsali is (and has always been) my fave! I loved lots of small moments and even teared up a bit here and there. Sophie takes me out of the moment every time, unfortunately, which sucks because I like book Bree more than most. Especially the #ridgeshit version of her.

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TGIF! Watching #Outlander Season 5 premiere on @STARZ this weekend? Jamie’s Rusty Nail is a tasty whisky cocktail to sip while you watch. #ridgeshit

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So glad I got to meet @BlessAmysHeart in person!! So much fun and can’t wait to see what @thecool_table and @hangoutlander think of Ep1 and the #ridgeshit.

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So much #ridgeshit !

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Just watched the #OutlanderS5 premiere with @heyitselise! Y’all!!! Roger was so good. (For real!!!) And there was #ridgeshit!

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My takeaways from @thecool_table's Fiery Cross discussions:

Roger sucks but has some redeeming qualities/moments.

#RidgeShit is the the best shit!

A good handjob can save a man's life.

FC can also serve as an encyclopedia of smells.


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@OutlanderKitchn I LOVE that you are using #ridgeshit as a tag!

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I’m just working on a few suggested menus from The Fiery Cross for season 5 of #Outlander.

Extra points for anyone who serves Quail Wrapped in Clay for the premiere! #ridgeshit

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If you want your own #ridgeshit cross stitch, head over Amy's Etsy page and get one!

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@OutlanderKitchn We have been on #ridgeshit for a while. Join us!

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@OutlanderKitchn My favourite parts of books 4 onwards is the #ridgeshit !

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@OutlanderKitchn @caitrionambalfe should use #ridgeshit to tweet with each episode!

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#ridgeshit is my new favourite hashtag.

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I made Shepherd's Pie from the @OutlanderKitchn cookbook for #HangOutlander tonight. I even used rosemary that I grew myself. I'm practically Claire. #ridgeshit @thecool_table


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@thecool_table @BlessAmysHeart Amy! Want, want, want! I demand that you take my money and give this to me! I am certain I have talked #ridgeshit with you more than anyone! Long live all the tinctures and potions and carding wool and crap!

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#Hangoutlander is gearing up tonight for a one of a kind #outlander #giveaway ... this #ridgeshit stitch! Watch with us tonight and win!

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@bethorne @Thats_Normal One of my writing goals was to write for TN. I sent an email/wrote samples, but personal life kept me from sending them in. I’m sad I won’t meet my goal; that doesn’t touch the sadness of losing this godsend of a blog. Pls keep writing! I adore you! We’ll always have #Ridgeshit!

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@BarryWaldo @jongarysteele @MacNicki @Outlander_STARZ I love that word Sundries , so I got curious. However I disagree in this instance. All #ridgeshit is very important ! #sunflowershampoo and other sundries 💕

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@ABOotlanders I just think that they tend to worry about the wrong things. They seem to think fans are upset about lack of S scenes, when most fans would just be happy with more intimacy & good character moments overall. Also: #Ridgeshit, I think we all want more of that! 😜 🐖 🐐🌱

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@BlessAmysHeart #ridgeshit #sunflowershampoo 💗 -how too video coming soon to a ridge near you !

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@BlessAmysHeart @purelyamuse I think it’s why I love ABOSAA. Lots of #ridgeshit

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#ridgeshit singlehandedly saved the season. Just saying. @Thats_Normal @BlessAmysHeart

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Did Jamie just lay down a bag of literal #ridgeshit? #OutlanderFinale

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Another on-point take from a professional reviewer. Not snarky, just dropping some knowledge that production would be wise to consider.

The ‘Outlander’ Finale Capped an Uneven Season 4 – Collider

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@Endurance97 The best romance award goes to Murtagh and Jocasta. The best character arc goes to Young Ian. The best of the best award goes to #ridgeshit because it gave this season life.

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@Outlander_STARZ I know nothing Jon Snow 🙈🙉🙊 after all winter on the ridge is coming ! #Ridgeshit 💕 hoping for some sunflower shampoo , penicillin bread spores and mrs bugs breakfasts.

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@LOutlander I think the ridge costumes are my fav ( besides Jamie’s gaiters ..we thought were boots 🤦‍♀️) The ridge stuff has its own hashtag #ridgeshit 😂

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Fergus and Marsali heading to #FrasersRidge soon! About time. I need at least one #RidgeShit scene with them. Please. Thanks. #Providence

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