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@DWUhlfelderLaw I don’t live down there. It’s time for locals to #TakeBackTheBeach! You need a weekend flash party on the beach there! Volley ball. Beach chairs. Umbrellas. Picnic baskets. Kids. Dogs. Frisbees. 25,000 people! Do it people!

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@SheilaGunnReid #BlocAlberta #wexit
#WEXITALBERTA The power and will of The West is being tested. Time to fight back and quit allowing the rest of Canada to kick sand in our faces. #TakeBackTheBeach

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Mayor: No Convention Centre on Port Elgin Beachfront - Sign the petition! via @CdnChange

Please sign! I did. #portelginontario #portelginbeach #saynotocommercialism #takebackthebeach #savethebeach #tourism

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Might be in Chicago but work is never done. Someone has to #TakeBackTheBeach
#TBTB #Chicago @ Oak Street Beach

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Turner's Take Back The Beach! Photo credit: thejogrenaut #TBTB #TakeBackTheBeach #FamilyVisit @ Pier 60 (Clearwater Beach, Florida)

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@teririch @VanSeedBank @DanaLarsen @NicESpurling @RobIannone @steeletalk @vancouverpride @CKNW @BCGreens @cra @CanRevAgency Wouldn't it be funny if the fire department showed up and hosed them all down..you know "where there's smoke there's fire" 😂. Hopefully the new Community Safety Team shows up and enforces the new laws. #TakeBacktheBeach

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@MKaleyfaanu @yamin_m @ali_niya We need people who will work for us, the people, instead of a wealthy few who have no respect for public space. #TakeBackTheBeach @Ghaanim2019

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Glad they are paying attention to this issue of plastic in our oceans. We have to #TakeBackTheBeach #FridayMotivation #environment

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On a rare serious note,The @60Minutes segment on plastic in the ocean has changed me.

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When the #Eagles won #superbowl52, one of the 1st things I thought of was this. I'm so tired of seeing Pats SB flags at the beach. So when I thought about seeing our flags, I knew it was gonna be special. The moment did not disappoint. #takebackthebeach #wildwood #flyeaglesfly

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"It's your body. It's your summer. Enjoy them both. #TakeBackTheBeach "

Why It’s Time To Stop Apologizing For Gym Selfies via @refinery29

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WATCH OUT FOR THE BITE!¡! #TakeBackTheBeach 🐶❤️

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Come support your favorite dawgs tomorrow! 😍🐶🐾

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When that beach wx comes back. #TBTB #takebackthebeach #FlWinter @ Whiskey Joe's Bar and Grill…

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Combining what I like to do with what I need to do this Christmas. #TakeBackTheBeach

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New Year Resolution: Love the Me I am today. Shame and self-doubt have no place in 2018.

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It's heating up in the southern hemisphere, and it's time to #TakeBackTheBeach. Love yourself and rock your body proud. Image from Camila Rosa #SeasonOfLove

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.@Refinery29 thanks a milli for allowing me to share my story!! #takebackthebeach

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Ok men, it's time we take back this beach! #newport #takebackthebeach #crabarmy #crabs

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#TakeBackTheBeach with 📸 @AliciaVera and @Refinery29! More of Alicia's #photos to be featured at #PhotovilleNY ➡️ 

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More South Korean women are starting to push back against the country's narrow standards of beauty #TakeBackTheBeach

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Our work on national political action doesn't preclude noticing microaggressions which precursor so many macroaggressions #TakeBackTheBeach

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We Didn't Get Out Of Men& #x27;s Way For A Week — This Is How Many Injuries We Sustained via @refinery29

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As part of our #TakeBackTheBeach initiative we visited 6 countries to find out how women feel about their bodies

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🌺🌴🌊Currently pretending I’m at the beach,wondering if the beach misses me?

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Come check out some of the greatest hits from several of our beautiful #takebackthebeach original photo series!

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We're participating in @photovillenyc & you should come! It's such a special New York-y event. See you there!

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8 swimsuit trends made for plus-sized women. #TakeBacktheBeach

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Don't let your so-called flaws stop you from flaunting your body this summer - #TakeBackTheBeach

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Some more images for #takebackthebeach for @refinery29 in Mexico. Link in Bio! If you're in NYC…

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