25 save shutout.

First star.

One Hart.


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@TonyBrunoShow @NHLFlyers We’ve got Harsty action yoo!!!!!

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@NHLFlyers He's growing up so fast

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@VorAbaddon Profile picture VorAbaddon


 4 days ago

@Andrewmooers @NHLFlyers There is no Dark Carter...

... only Carnage Hart.

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@Awick253 Profile picture Alex Wickert


 4 days ago

@plew203 @NHLFlyers Idk what he said I just him taking his pmts off

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@yuhboyraffles Profile picture Mike Papi


 4 days ago

@skibzoo @NHLFlyers Just messing with the kid right Jakey? @jachobe 😂

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@TonyBrunoShow Profile picture Tony Bruno


 4 days ago

@NHLFlyers we got a new and improved Hartsy in town!

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@IvanProvorovv Profile picture Martynas


 4 days ago

@NHLFlyers It's poetic that the Hart era started right after the Hak era ended.

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@Andrewmooers Profile picture Andrew


 4 days ago

@NHLFlyers Did Hart just..... curse? Are we about to meet ‘Dark Carter?’

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@yuhboyraffles Profile picture Mike Papi


 4 days ago

@skibzoo @NHLFlyers Sounds like he said “are you done yet”

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@nzect24 @NHLFlyers Our boy is growing into a man fight in front of us

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@plew203 Profile picture Paige Wright


 4 days ago

@Awick253 @NHLFlyers Wait, what did he say

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@D_Elliott___ Profile picture D. Elliott


 4 days ago

@NHLFlyers Carter Hart has saved more than 25 shots 21 times in his career, this is his first shut out, big shout out to the defense here as well as an amazing game by Hart

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@Awick253 Profile picture Alex Wickert


 4 days ago

@NHLFlyers Voracek at the end of this is all of us whenever hart speaks

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@skibzoo Profile picture Skibz


 4 days ago

@NHLFlyers Can anyone make out what Jake said?

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@nzect24 Profile picture JV Arrrrrgh


 4 days ago

@NHLFlyers I didn’t realize Carter knew any swear words, my boy is growing up so fast

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@NHLFlyers . @ctherien6 Tonight, Hart definitely looked like the future of the franchise.

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@brend0nm Profile picture Brendon Mercier


 4 days ago
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@whatifnothng Profile picture gabby🌸


 4 days ago

@NHLFlyers imagine not having carter hart on your team

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