Let this sink in: there is way more credible evidence that Rep. Jim Jordan covered up a sexual abuse scandal at Ohio State than there is evidence Joe Biden did anything wrong related to Ukraine.

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@melissacarty Thank you my friend.

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 1 week ago

@matthewjdowd Well said - My sentiments exactly

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@coton_luver @matthewjdowd They should definitely hold hearings on this, see how he likes it...he should also have his answers cut mid-sentence as he likes to do to witnesses...

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@erikhalvorsen18 @matthewjdowd Jim Jordan is a very sick man.

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@matthewjdowd Way more

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 1 week ago

@matthewjdowd A referee says disgraced doctor Richard Strauss masturbated in front of him in a shower after a 1994 OSU wrestling match. He reported the incident to now a Congressman Jim Jordan, who was the assistant coach. Jordan’s response “was essentially a shrug.”

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 1 week ago

@DurenMark @matthewjdowd Probably calling Jordan’s office to invite him on their show to not ask him about this. But rather treat him as a subject matter expert on impeachment.

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@TheMaineJess @matthewjdowd The voters of Ohio only send their very best to Washington.

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@matthewjdowd There is something about Jim Jordan that is truly unsettling and I don’t say that about very many people.

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@matthewjdowd Yet where is the media?

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