Can we please all agree that there is more evidence connecting @Jim_Jordan to the Ohio State sex scandal than there is evidence connecting Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton to any Ukraine or email scandal?

Raise your hand if you demand Jordan’s resignation. βœ‹πŸΌ #JimJordanKnew

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@shuster_lana Profile picture Lana


 1 week ago

@Strandjunker @BabbulousTimes @Jim_Jordan βœ‹οΈβœ‹οΈβœ‹οΈβœ‹οΈme, my husband, my mom & my dad makes 4 hands raised high against the corruption & for the resignation of @Jim_Jordan , the presidents official jock strap

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@Albert77035763 Profile picture Albert


 1 week ago
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@car5454 Profile picture car54


 1 week ago

@Strandjunker @Jim_Jordan This would mean he has something resembling ethics or even is capable of feeling shame. We know that's not true.
I hope the victims in this case include him in any litigation or civil suits since he ignored reports that prolonged their suffering.

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@Strandjunker @Jim_Jordan Without a doubt, #JimJordanKnew. πŸ–πŸΏπŸ–πŸΏπŸ–πŸΏπŸ–πŸΏπŸ–πŸΏ

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@brittybt Profile picture Brittney Tyler


 1 week ago

@Strandjunker @Jim_Jordan Its reason like this that so many people never cone forward about their rapes and assaults. We see people line Jordan living his comfy life, making judgments about others, creating laws, and never actually being punished or forced to face his crimes and what he allowed to happen

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@brittybt Profile picture Brittney Tyler


 1 week ago

@Strandjunker @Jim_Jordan There was never a doubt that jim knew. Where is the outrage like with nassar and us gymnastics or joepa and the Penn state sexual assault scandal?? He needs to be removed from office and out on criminal trial for this. Why do we continue to enable predictors and their enablers?

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@OneSteelda Profile picture steelda_one


 1 week ago

@Strandjunker @Jim_Jordan Next weeks hearing, if Jim Jordan goes off subject regarding the hearing and Trumps crime, that's the perfect time to inject, his Ohio state sexual cover up, put him on notice, we could bring this cover up to national attention.

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@Nagoc55 Profile picture Marc Cogan


 1 week ago
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