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 1 week ago

BREAKING: "Leader McCarthy Appoints Jim Jordan to Intelligence Committee"

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@AaronBlake The GOP just put a guy who couldn't spot 177 boy being molested only yards away over years on a committee that oversees [checks notes] people who are supposed to spot bad things happening.

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 1 week ago

@HelenKennedy @AaronBlake suing a fictional cow keeps him very busy

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@cliffschecter @AaronBlake @Jim_Jordan Maybe @GOPLeader should see if Dennis Hastert can attend as well?

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@AaronBlake Maybe Democrats can just hold all the hearings near showers? Then we know @Jim_Jordan won't hear or see anything...

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@TEE1031 @AaronBlake @seeCFC That, and the clips of Jordan making a fool of himself that the media will replay on endless loop. This isn't going to accomplish what the "Leader" thinks it will.

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@AaronBlake @seeCFC The idea of Adam Schiff methodically picking him apart actually makes me smile!

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@ThePubliusUSA @AaronBlake @igneousidol That’s probably what sealed the deal.

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 1 week ago

@AaronBlake @igneousidol Interesting move - within 24 hours of being accused of ignoring crimes; you know, his modus operandi.

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@AaronBlake How is this not a huge fuck you to Devin Nunes?

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