Quoted @Jim_Jordan

Republicans only have til Saturday to request witnesses for ALL open hearings.

-@RepAdamSchiff decides WHICH witnesses testify, if any
-Schiff decides WHEN witnesses testify, if at all
-President’s counsel still excluded

Does this sound like due process?

Congressional reporters can talk to other Republicans about impeachment. They should be chasing @Jim_Jordan down the hall to talk about his knowledge of & protection of a sexual assaulter when he was a wrestling coach.

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@JazzCrazy Profile picture Michele Unique


 1 week ago

@Lawrence @Jim_Jordan Jordan should take care of the skeletons in his closet.

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@AMcInDallas @Lawrence Perfect.😂😂

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@Lawrence @Jim_Jordan Russ Hellickson was head coach at the time and he now runs a popular and successful youth wrestling league in Columbus OH that many schools participate in. Hellickson knows more than he's stepping up to say. Perhaps a subpoena would suffice.

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 1 week ago

@Lawrence @Jim_Jordan They all need to also weave in the word “wrestling” whenever possible. Ie how are you wrestling with the idea of impeachment? Etc. lol.

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@NYTupelo7 Profile picture Tracy


 1 week ago

@Lawrence @Jim_Jordan ...or, instead of "victims" perhaps the Republicans in Congress are willing participants in Trump's crime schemes. Bribery? How much money are they receiving from Trump & Putin?
We NEED to get to the bottom of all of this!

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 1 week ago

@Lawrence @Jim_Jordan I believe that each of these Republicans in Congress who defend Trump even though evidence proves Trump's guilt should take the oath and be questioned.
These Republicans are, themselves, covering up for Trump. Why? Are they also victims of bribery, extortion, or blackmail?

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@Lawrence @Jim_Jordan They may be running out of orange jumpsuits by the time this crew is done.

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@Lawrence @Jim_Jordan hey @Lawrence you might be very interested in this Jordan thread with lots of info and evidence including link to lawsuit filed by the kids

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@modernhomesla @CatsChocolates @100FrogLegs @zipillinois @anathymadevice @ImmaculateLoo @mikes_booh @ditydygirl @fashionfunfemme @henri_pew Dunyasha Yetts, a wrestler at Ohio State in 1993, told Politico that he told Jordan about Strauss’ behavior and asked him and Russ Hellickson, the former wrestling head coach, to come to the doctor with him because he didn’t want to be fondled

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