House Republicans add Jordan to Intel panel for impeachment probe

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@akline1123 Profile picture Adam Kline


 1 week ago

@juliegraceb The man who's used to looking the other way when bad stuff happens?

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@juliegraceb I thank God for Jim Jordan

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@juliegraceb "Yeah, yeah, we know."


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@WadeN43 Profile picture WiN!


 1 week ago

@juliegraceb @scottwongDC Why? Do they need someone on the team they can count on to not report them for sexually assaulting someone? #GymJordan

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@juliegraceb Then "intelligence" will become less accurate of a name.

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@IvanCooper14 Profile picture Ivan Cooper


 1 week ago

@juliegraceb @freedomcaucus Ricky Davila
Now that Jim Jordan is trending for being accused once again of allowing the sexual abuse of athletes to go on...

I’d like to remind that Duncan Hunter is under criminal indictment for fraud and using campaign money to support his sexual affairs

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@iBolski Profile picture i.s.


 1 week ago

@juliegraceb @freedomcaucus Awesome move. He represents Ohio with honor and dignity. Go get em Jim. He fights for our president. Always has and always will.

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