Jim Jordan knew about repeated acts of sexual abuse of boys & young men at OSU & did nothing to stop these crimes. Kids were being molested & Jordan failed to protect them. Now he’s a congressman, allied w/ a sexual predator: Donald Trump #JimJordanResign

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@Ironhorse76 @GerHilbrants Aww, thanks! I’ve missed you, ReSister. I’m so happy to see you. Hugs! 🌊💙🌊

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@WordswithSteph @GerHilbrants Perfectly articulated

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@YongKhor1 @WordswithSteph @AvAforBLUE Yeah, remember Jerry Sandusky who worked at Penn State with Joe Paterno who was arrested for abusing little boys in the shower 🚿 room? That was another scandal that was covered up for years before discovery.

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@ReaderAdrift @shoos4u @WordswithSteph @Chanika37 Again, this is because Repugnicans recognize no accountability for their actions as the Dems do (I.e.Katie Hill, Al Frankenstein, et al). Their ‘party’ attracts these immature personalities, which is why it should be dismantled, lock, stock, and barrel.

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@WordswithSteph @Chanika37 Long-serving HouseSpeaker, #DennisHastert as much as admitted to molesting boys (while WRESTLING coach). Republicans called him "a man of strong faith...integrity".“A good man that loves the lord. He gets his integrity & values from Him":

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@lifesafeast Profile picture Jamie Schler


 1 week ago

@ChristineParini @WordswithSteph @aravosis Exactly. Sexual abuse is sexual abuse.

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@WordswithSteph @aravosis John, even if these students were legal adults they were young athletes dealing w a doctor who was in a position of power over them.

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@RitaWal75917152 Profile picture Rita W.


 1 week ago

@RockvilleSue51 @WordswithSteph @Jim_Jordan With Gym turning a blind eye, it makes him culpable and just as guilty. Resigning would be too easy. He should be arrested and ordered to register as a sex offender. Not only was his job to coach, it was also his responsibility to protect those students and he refused to do so.

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 1 week ago

@WordswithSteph @AvAforBLUE Criminal rewarded

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@WordswithSteph #JimJordanKnew & did NOTHING!
How is there no consequence to this?
When will officials show COURAGE?
@Jim_Jordan the Joe Paterno of Republicans in Congress
He's such a little man ( 5'7") with an even tinier moral compass or heart

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