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Jim Jordan knew about repeated acts of sexual abuse of boys & young men at OSU & did nothing to stop these crimes. Kids were being molested & Jordan failed to protect them. Now he’s a congressman, allied w/ a sexual predator: Donald Trump #JimJordanResign

EVERY predator and their enablers must be held accountable, including elected officials. We deserve better. No wonder we lack fair and just laws and protections when rape culture is perpetuated by legislators & ppl in positions of power. #TimesUp #TakeOutTheTrash

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@JeniferWilde @bevschanda Both sides of the aisle have predators and skeletons hidden deep in the closet of corruption and direct result of internal regulation with zero oversight mechanism in place.

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@ScarletM1926 @SarahMeinzer @SenatorMuth The kids who were molested deserve their day in court. #

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@TruthJustis4USA @Jim_Jordan @realDonaldTrump Agreed- as a former athletic trainer working with teams at DI, DII, high school and NFL level, often being the only woman on staff / in the room, this bs locker room talk excuse is total 💩. Maybe this applies to some government locker room that I’m not aware of... 🤯🤦🏼‍♀️

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@SenatorMuth The similarities and the BS excuses between @Jim_Jordan & @realDonaldTrump are eerily similar.

Everyone else is lying. It’s locker room talk.

As a former athlete who’s spent plenty of time in locker rooms, if this was locker room talk, those lockers must be in prison.

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@SenatorMuth @bevschanda and take this one with you..........

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@lisade1255 @SenatorMuth @NancyLeeGrahn He sh/nt/hv/bn allowed, period. He can get a dfrnt job where he is not exposed to making these kinds decisions. He could be an artist or carpenter etc.... not a politician.

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@Sole4My @SenatorMuth @WordswithSteph #JimJordanResign agreed ...he needs to be removed.

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@SenatorMuth @NancyLeeGrahn It's time to go man. You will never be taken seriously. BYE.

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