Calls grow for Jim Jordan to resign over refusal to confront sexual misconduct as #JimJordanKnew trends

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 1 week ago

@dennis_petrak @joncoopertweets Memories are conveniently short. Seems like they have forgotten the Penn State football scandal

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 1 week ago
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 1 week ago

@joncoopertweets @2021_free Jim Jordan ignores criminal behavior...he looks the other way, in defense of the abuser, while the victims of the abuse are traumatized for life.
Some things never change. But Jordan should NOT be a lawmaker when he is a lawbreaker.

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@joncoopertweets He isn't worthy!

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 1 week ago
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@DanDiniO81 @joncoopertweets @ORourkeSuka THEY. DON’T. CARE.
Party. Power. Money. Period.
Oh, and she’s a woman!

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@joncoopertweets @ORourkeSuka How can Republicans turn a blind eye to the appalling behaviour of #GymJordan but bay for the blood of Katie Hill, who by the way was in a consensual relationship with a staffer that wasn't a child. Jordan allowed sexual assaults to take place on boys meaning he was complicit.

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@joncoopertweets Yup he needs to resign...he helped cover this up with his silence..makes him almost like an accomplice..imo

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@joncoopertweets Covering up the sexual abuse thisclose to being as bad as committing the abuse. #JimJordanMustResign and the Ohio AG must charge him with being an accessory.

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