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 1 week ago

Time for @Jim_Jordan to head for the showers.

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@TeaPainUSA @Jim_Jordan And as if they heard me @AliVelshi covers it on @TheLastWord Thank ya sir.

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@TeaPainUSA @CarolYMorrisse1 @Jim_Jordan Ohio State Rep. TAVIA Golanski is thinking of issuing him a subpoena to appear before their civil rights committee for this complaint.

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 1 week ago

@TeaPainUSA @Jim_Jordan @NCAA Well, NCAA, how about sticking your nose into this? Why have you been crickets?

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@TeaPainUSA @Jim_Jordan Jim Jordan...the guy priests would be if they didn't have church jobs.

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@TeaPainUSA @Jim_Jordan This scoop ha been all over the Ohio newspapers this week. Can't believe it's not at least in the cable news. How does he get to keep skirting this.

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