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Quoted @BridgetSterli19

Donald tRump’s ‘MuriKKKa. Must have been late for his MAGA rally. Twitter, do your thing and expose this racist prick. 😡🤬

only about 8% of Americans are truly shit.

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Klaatu Barada Nikto

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the "Human Scum" that
has soiled the Oval office
for the last 3 years.
let's remember..
the Black Muslim Socialist
from Kenya
never cheated on his wife.
Nobody knows how many abortions
Donny paid for

great reverb
nice plate & Halls

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U Xpect(orate) 88 2 have
wurldKlass poems 24/7/365
& R nevur Dissappointed:

Donald was a Landlord who
would not rent to Blacks
Racist Pig and Rapist Fool
Never had the Facts.

anyway.. #ImpeachAndRemove

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just for the record Lexicon has a product
that is high quality low cost called aLeX
and yes..many times.
many times.

many times.

many times.
get it?

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ya gotta love Ironing

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Release the hounds

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Quoted @henry_maltezos

Don Jr and his girlfriend Kimberley Guilfoyle are looking quite “triggered”... am I using that term right???

she's wrong.
I impressed people there.

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like Valerie Plame,
Laura Cooper
has to be attacked
by local Brown Shirts
and russian garbage

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Quoted @davesprom

Judge tosses Trump suit over New York tax returns, rejects conspiracy claim


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Tulsi Gabbard is helping #CadetBoneSpurs
В России есть два типа граждан, воров и шлюх.

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#CadetBoneSpurs benefits
from Gabbard splitting the DEMs

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Quoted @D_jeneration

Ok guys can we address the Elephant in the room.why the hell is Tulsi gabbard at 6 percent in this new NH poll???

I believe Joe is 1st place in 99% of the polls.
Gabbard 6% could be a variety of reasons..
a small percentage has that Borscht smell.

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how does one discuss Gabbard
before reading David Brock's
"Blinded by the Right"?

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this is precious.
@Cavuto has a segment on the Alamo.
a book was written by Brian Kilmeade..

not too much about the 17 U.S. Intel agencies

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Quoted @Mar_a_Hell_No

When an attention-seeking, callous bitch willfully risks SOMEONE ELSE'S life - just for tv ratings: @MZHemingway

there is no better proof (other than the FL goons of 2000)
that the GOP has become Fascisti..
WHY do they want to "out" the whistleblower?
to get them killed and scare any further dissent

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#CadetBoneSpurs pointed out that his "Viet Nam"
was trying to avoid syphilis while assaulting a
variety of underage russian girls.
#FamilyValues demand we #ImpeachAndRemove

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we deserve better than this loser.

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