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Whoops, only meant to delete the retweet of my previous post, not the whole thing, but as a follow-up
Train transportation to Minneapolis for @MidWest_Dreamin /@WITnessSuccess has been purchased. 😀 #ChicagOhana

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I just influenced the @Salesforce roadmap by prioritizing top ideas from the IdeaExchange. You can #shapeSalesforceProducts too at by February 4

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Fun times at #SalesforceSaturday in the suburbs #ChicagOhana

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Quoted @trailhead

✨ Introducing the Playground Starter App ✨ Get up and running faster, install new packages seamlessly, and quickly find your Trailhead Playground username in this brand NEW app! Get the deets and get hands-on today. 👀


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For those at yesterday's @DGTrailblazers meeting, here's the info for this weekend's #SalesforceSaturday in Schaumburg.

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Just a bit of overkill on the box @Target

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Shout out to @Target for great customer service! Had an online chat w/ a rep because some items I bought online had a pricedrop. Robert was able to refund the difference & loaded another $5 gift card to my account for the inconvenience.

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Finally committing to my 2020 learning goal. Keeping it simple - hit 300 @trailhead badges. #TrailtoTriple #TripleinTwenty

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Quoted @OrchestraSay

Living composers are not entitled to birthday celebrations. You must be dead by at least 150 years before you can have a birthday party. And have been white. And male.

Sounds about right, sadly.

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Just earned the Security Specialist badge on @Trailhead and you should too!

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After many issues with Authenticator & my phone, I finally earned the User Authentication badge on @Trailhead #iPadtotherescue

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Replying to @stickermule: Mule Army,

We need your help to send love to Australia.

Got $5k set aside to help @NSWRFS battle the devastating wildf…

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Mule Army,

We need your help to send love to Australia.

Got $5k set aside to help @NSWRFS battle the devastating wildfires.

RT to encourage others to help. We'll donate $1 /RT up to $5k.

Donate direct here:

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Quoted @MacRumors

CES 2020: ‘PopPower Home Charger’ Lets You Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone Without Removing PopGrips by @mbrsrd

Kinda want one, but not sure I $60 want one considering wired charging works just fine. However, if the rumors are true and this year's phones lose the lightning port, I'll be kicking myself

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This was worth being super tired for work tomorrow. #SoFetch @MeanGirlsBway

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I was today years old when I watched Mean Girls for the first time.

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Happy new year from Team Stratton: Chapter

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I'm going to Evil Dead The Musical: The HD Tour | CHICAGO - February 15th....that’s how much I love my husband

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Pleased with my #Trailmoji collection. All thanks to @yramtSFDC who grabbed them for me since I couldn’t attend #DF19

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