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Mother.Autism Advocate.Integrative Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach,The LookOver Ladies Podcast https://t.co/64tFM4FD6L.RHONJ OG,Cosmetologist.Jaclaurita@gmail.com #GetIt!

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Teach your kids not to be assholes. Period. This is so heartbreaking.

Such a beautiful kid. This breaks my heart! 💔😩 We need more compassion for others in this world.

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Check out this song/video that my friends daughter @PenniePainter made. All of the music in the track was done with her voice and sounds she makes. She produced the track; wrote the song. SO cool! Hope you all had a Happy Valentines Day! 💕

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Check out my interview with @MyAutismTribe Episode #50 🤗❤️

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Which Ayurvedic Dosha are you?

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New LookOver Ladies Podcast format!

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@JacLaurita Loved&enjoyed your podcast yesterday, Like every week. Learned SO much! SO many people can learn about sustainable & ethical brands. You are SO incredibly great! You are doing a great job! Keep up the great work! Can not wait to listen to next weeks episode! Xoxo.🤗♥️

Thanks @LittleLeighXoxo @DurgaTree ! 🤗❤️

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Daily Dose of Kindness:3 years ago today,I began #RocksofUnity in Buffalo to end intolerance by spreading kindness.I never thought my idea would turn into a global movement with an outreach of over 35 different states and over 25 different countries. Thank YOU! Swipe to read more

You are awesome! Loved our interview with you on The LookOver ladies podcast! Xoxo

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Any records she claims she may have of that happening to her must be from something else...like from her pimp!

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#rhonj #wwhl 🙄👎🏼👎🏼

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Start Your Year, Start Your Timer

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Check out the SALE going on for @simplespectrum !! It’s the High Quality Multi-Vitamin/Multi-Mineral supplement I give to my son, Nicholas! Everything you want in a supplement and nothing you don’t want in there! #simplespectrumSupplement #sensoryneeds

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My granddaughter is a superstar 🌟😂

Omg! Lol! 🤗❤️ I’ve watched this about 100x! She’s overwhelmed with emotion! She knows it was her best performance ever! 😂

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Check out Heather Grimaldi, Co-founder of @simplespectrum supplement talk about getting insurance to cover their product we use and love for our son Nicholas!

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Replying to @bleutechparklv: ‘First-of-its-kind’ is no small undertaking but we're ready to bring the future to Las Vegas! @SmartCitiesW https://t.c…

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‘First-of-its-kind’ is no small undertaking but we're ready to bring the future to Las Vegas! @SmartCitiesW

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NICHOLAS HAS A MESSAGE FOR ALL OF YOU! He is not reading anything! This is all from memory from somewhere! GREAT advice! This kid surprises me ALL the time! He asked me to call his Dad, then started saying all of this! Then I asked him to say it again so I could record him🤗❤️

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