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Comey’s FBI misled the FISA Court 17 times.

We can’t simply reauthorize the system that allowed those lies and omissions to happen.

Now is our chance to fix it.

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FISA Reform markup tomorrow in Judiciary.

Remember, AG Bill Barr used the term "political surveillance" to describe what took place. That should never happen in America!

That's why we need to make changes.

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"Rep. Jordan: We have to make sure our fundamental liberties are protected"


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Unfortunately, the Socialist Left is not an aberration. That’s who the Democrats are today.

But America is about Freedom! It’s what makes us the greatest nation ever.

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For years, Democrats and the mainstream press have attacked President Trump.

@CPAC will lay out how it happened, how we fought back, and what comes next.

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Comey’s FBI abused the FISA process to spy on a presidential campaign.

Time to fix it.

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Looks like they weren’t giving us the full story.

Imagine that.

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President Trump has been a great friend to Israel:

-Out of the Iran deal
-Embassy in Jerusalem
-Recognition of the Golan Heights
-Mid-East peace plan

And the State of Israel sure appreciates it.

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If the FBI can target National Security professionals like K.T. McFarland and General Flynn, imagine what they can do to regular Americans.

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Replying to @GOPoversight: Attorney General Barr did his job.

"...the claim that decisions by career prosecutors should in essence be unreviewable…

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Israel is America’s closest ally and great friend.

Great to travel there this week with @RepMikeJohnson, visit historical and holy sites, and meet with Prime Minister @Netanyahu.

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Attorney General Barr did his job.

"...the claim that decisions by career prosecutors should in essence be unreviewable by those appointed to leadership positions in the Justice Department is not just wrong; it is also irresponsible."

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So many problems outlined in IG Horowitz’s FISA report.

Even the FBI admitted their agents were sharing too much sensitive info with Dossier author Chris Steele!

Why won’t @RepJerryNadler bring the Inspector General before the House Judiciary Committee?

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The “Whistleblower” who started the impeachment sham was biased against the President, worked with Joe Biden, and met with Adam Schiff’s staff.

Of course they should testify!

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Quoted @washingtonpost

More than 1,100 ex-Justice Department officials call for Barr’s resignation

How many of those 1,100 former prosecutors and officials called for action when the IG reported that the FBI lied to the FISA Court 17 times?

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Charged for false statements: Flynn (R), Stone (R), Papadapoulos (R).

IG found 4 false statements from Andy McCabe (D). No charges and welcomed as a hero by left-wing media.

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“The OIG found that then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lacked candor, including under oath, on multiple occasions.”

-Inspector General Horowitz

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Democrats call on Barr to resign. REALLY?

Bill Barr is fighting to hold the FBI accountable for lying to the FISA Court SEVENTEEN times.

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Democrats just cast another net in their never-ending fishing expedition.

Impeachment is over! Democrats should stop attacking the Administration and start focusing on solving problems for the American people.

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Quoted @NumbersMuncher

Gallup: 60% of Americans say they are better off now than when Trump took office compared to just 36% who say they are not.

That is higher than during the reelection campaigns of Obama, W, Clinton, or HW Bush.

60% of independents say they're better off than three years ago.

Americans are excited about the things President Trump is accomplishing for our country.

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