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seems like there is a direct correlation between removing dating apps and mental health. who knew

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These tickets feel like they’re more expensive than they should be

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tfw ur waiting in the shadows

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Has anyone done standing room at the Farg yet? Thinking about checking it out next week (and also def getting that free beer stein)

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thinkin bout carter hart

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-Eagles blow out Jets
-Ben Simmons hits a three
-The Flyers are good again
-Gabe got fired

It’s been a good week y’all

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and now we’re eating the leftover popcorn at 10am because we’ve got no self control

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Uncle Cholly round 2 please

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very nice of the TBS to remind us of that time when STAIRS RIPS ONE INTO THE NIGHT

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Flyers give out different sized shirts and have a goalie that isn’t a stale hamburger bun in net— both for the first time... coincidence?

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gritty has discovered hitting the drums brings out the “woos”

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oh god grittys got a drum

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having a useful 4th line is such a strange and foreign concept

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lol one year ago we had neuvirth and elliott in net

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ears are ringing— the farg is lit

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just give Carter the Vezina right now

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I lied— faceoff violation is the most useless

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delay of game might be the most useless penalty in this sport

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and with that the devils have iced the puck for the 412th time this game

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