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Unique, adventuresome, and view the world from all sides of the box, but especially under the box.

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If a bank serves coffee, it should have a rest room.

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You want results? You'll get them.
Maybe not the ones you were looking for.

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Squeeze them til they feel better.

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I am angry to learn of the cruelty I must have seen as a toddler that may explain some things today. No counselor would be able to touch this.

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Two dumpings of snow has been too much for my street. The snowplows must have been so busy just to open up the streets. Parked cars on both sides did not make it possible for a good clean out. Glad I have a garage.

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I can't believe I have to go to bed.
But, all the words have been said..
Hello, I love you, and goodbye.

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#streetphotography Camped out for opening day at the local ice cream place.

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#streetphotography Chicago lit up at night.

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Twitter has made my world bigger. I had no idea there were such things that are commonly brought up on here. Perhaps I will learn not to have a shocked look on my face.

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#AddPieToAnything I made sweet potato pie today for him. You do that kind of thing because it makes you happy.

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#AddPieToAnything My pie is better than...

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#AddPieToAnything Pie of the tiger

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#AddPieToAnything My pie is your pie

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#AddPieToAnything You can eat pie in my bed anytime, baby

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#SoImStayingHome because I want to stay out of the ditch, don't want to hit any deer that the hunters missed, but I can dream of one of my favorite places on earth.

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#SoImStayingHome unless I sneak off and get another photo of my favorite waterfall after climbing the very slippery icy steps.

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#SoImStayingHome because it is not safe to go ice fishing.

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#SoImStayingHome and looking at all the photos I took of the beauty of winter from the comfort of my beanbag chair.

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