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A buck crashed through a window of a hospital in northeast Tennessee on Monday, only to be struck and killed by a wildlife officer's car after it dashed out through another window, authorities said.

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Texas child welfare authorities took their kids. Now, the agency says it found no evidence of abuse.

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73% of vapers said they would be "much less likely" to vote for a politician who supports strict regulations on vape products, and most said they would be willing to cross party lines to do it, according to a poll commissioned by a vape industry group.

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BREAKING: 50 rockets fired from Gaza Strip into southern Israel after a senior Islamic Jihad commander was killed in Israeli airstrikes

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Skywatchers around the world have the opportunity to witness a rare astronomical event Monday that occurs just 13 times each century.

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WATCH: Alex Trebek gets choked up after reading 'Jeopardy' contestant's unexpected gesture.

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WATCH: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard speaks on her military service and questions other politicians about their dedication to veterans at a ceremony in Los Angeles.

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"I really thought they would say, 'Hey, you know, time has expired,'" Jones said in the store with his wife at his side. - @NBCWashington

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Afghanistan and the Taliban have reached a deal to release two American University teachers, including a U.S. citizen, in exchange for three Taliban members, the Afghan president said Tuesday morning.

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WATCH: American Airlines flight slides on an icy runway at Chicago's O'Hare airport.

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Women wanting to protect their heart, should eat most of their calories earlier in the day, a new study suggests. - @TodayShow

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45% of Americans expect to shell out an average of $1,393 on flights and/or hotels over the holidays. Here's how to avoid overspending on them. - @NBCNewsBETTER

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“We as trans people fight either big battles or little battles every day,” Hutch Hutchinson said. “This was an opportunity to walk into a locker room, and we didn't have to explain anything to each other — we’re here, we are trans, this is great.”

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It was President Reagan who, 11 years before his own diagnosis, declared November as National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness not only for the disease, but the responsibility shouldered by those who love and care for patients.

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WATCH: Pete Buttigieg's Veterans Day speech calls for better care for service members, reflects on his own tour of duty

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Fmr. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is considering making a late run for the Democratic presidential nomination, according to 2 people with knowledge of his deliberations.

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Actor Michael B. Jordan talks about his film heroes and why he's working so hard to make Hollywood more inclusive.

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An asteroid orbiting the sun has surprised astronomers by turning out to be roughly spherical in shape – possibly qualifying it to be the smallest dwarf planet in the solar system, according to one study.

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Inside the impeachment inquiry:


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