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The CEO must have some money tied up in trying to start a Hunger Games style Fight Club on these flights.Only explanation for Delta's sadistic ideas about seats and legroom on your planes.Take some responsibility for your greed.

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My husband took the kiddo to school, brought me back a Starbucks coffee(black, like my soul) then went into the garage to surprise me with the #ValentinesDay flowers he was hiding in there because he knows I'm a snooping snoop!He really gets me after 2 plus decades!Tru Wuv!

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Nothing makes me want to churn butter, drink whiskey and make homemade penicillin more that having #Outlander back @Writer_DG !

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What a GORGEOUS choral arrangement of the #Outlander theme for this season! @TallShipProds

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My estrogen levels were OMEGA after WW, Captain Marvel and Ripley presented Best Score category, a woman conducting in the pit for it and a woman WINNING the Oscar for it!!! #Oscars2020

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Captain Marvel, Ripley AND Wonder Woman on the same stage looking FIERCE! #Oscars2020

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Latin women. That's the tweet. #Oscars

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We FINALLY found Carmen Sandiego!

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"Idina Menzel-prounounced exactly as it is spelled" . I nominate #JoshGad for next year's Academy Awards host!!! LOL

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Where were the French and Italian dub singers for INTO THE UNKNOWN? They got some cold Apls in those countries!

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Last weekend #arabtwitter educated you about Shakira’s background.Back one week later on #oscarsunday to remind u Salma Hayek is Lebanese too 😉

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Cardi's I LIKE IT is great,but PLEASE stop saying Shakira sang 'her song' at the SB halftime show because we all know the Blackout All Stars hit with their version of I LIKE IT LIKE THAT in the mid 90s and Shakira was singing those same spanish lyrics... #TheMoreYouKnow

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Replying to @SoniaSulaiman: I know I don't have the platform for this, but I want to have a Palestinian party on the twitters. Comment below if you'…

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I know I don't have the platform for this, but I want to have a Palestinian party on the twitters. Comment below if you're a Palestinian creative. Incl. your website deets and tell us what you do! RT for visibility!

What are you bringing to the party? :)

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The ONLY thing that was missing from Shakira's 'ode-to-her-Lebanese-side' performance was a full on full cast Dubke on the 50 yard line! YALLA! #Shakira #Lebanese #SuperBowlHalftimeShow

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Quoted @iamGabrielhart

Shakira sang in different languages, Played instruments, DID AN AMAZING CHOREOGRAPHY Including Belly Dancing and Delivered VOCALS. WHAT ELSE THIS WOMAN CAN'T DO?? NO ONE'S GONNA BE ABLE TO TOP THIS EVER THIS IS LEGENDARIC #Superbowl 🔥

She rocked the electric guitar AND played drums and could match/best JLo on the booty shake. She is the G.O.A.T!

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Quoted @DanielGHajjar

You really have to understand how huge Shakira’s performance was for the Middle Eastern community. She had belly dancing, a mijwiz and a derbeke, performed “Ojos Asi” which was one of the few Shakira songs to have Arabic in it, did a Zaghrouta, all love on the biggest stage

All of this!

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Good game. Now, onto more important things.: WHO IS READY FOR SPRING TRAINING???! #MLBBaseball #GoCubsGo

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New shiny on camera my reps @pureflare_s for film/tv projects.
via @YouTube

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