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Does anybody else ever end up getting drunk, see someone say “hold up wait a minute” and then spend the entire rest of their night rewatching Eagles superbowl highlights on youtube? Cuz if so ya know, same.

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Quoted @Phillies

Reading the tweet above this one like...

I can finally get Bryce to look at the photoshops of him I’ve done!

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#Phillies twitter I wrote you a terrible poem:

Phillies wear red
They also wear blue
Fuck the Mets
I miss baseball


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You don’t need to be in a relationship to spread some love today. Happy Valentine’s Day twitter friends 💖

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#Cardinals sign INF Brad Miller. #stlcards #MLB

Cards friends you better take good care of our bamboo boi 😢

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@OtterHooligan @fosho_joe26 @SimpHype @Suhhh_Kiiid @Phillies I want baby yoda holding a Phillies mug badly as my profile pic 😂😂

Gotchu fam

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Dreaming of Citizens Bank Park rn...

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Oh captain my captain #NowOrNever

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Giving out a beating a little too literally.

#PHIvsWSH | #NowOrNever


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stayed up waaaay past my bedtime just to listen to @JackFritzWIP crushing it at hosting on WIP. @SportsRadioWIP plz let jack host more often, would for sure go out of my way to listen to him again

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Not entirely sure what happened with the #sixers tonight but this picture showed up on my timeline so I made it a thing.

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After an ugly flyers game like that I just wanna sit here and imagine what kind of rant @rickybottalico would deliver.

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I miss baseball.

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@Phillies this is not exactly what I had in mind 😞

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Phillies discord server is in desperate need of something to actually talk about. @Phillies can you please supply us with some baseball related content to obsess over? 🙏

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