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This sucks.

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You know what rhymes with 'nucks? Fucks. Fuck the nucks.

This take brought to you by pinot grigio. Pinot. Solveing the worlds problems since whenver wine was invented. Pinot grigio.

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I’m on like my 6th episode of buying Alaska @NHLFlyers plz start soon

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You know a #phillies press conference went poorly when Howard Eskin actually had a good point.

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Replying to @JSalisburyNBCS: The Phillies have dismissed Gabe Kapler

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The Phillies have dismissed Gabe Kapler

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Every other NL East team has won a postseason series more recently than the Altalnta Barves have. Even the Marlins.

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Guess the universe needed to sacrifice this meme to get Carter Hart his first shutout. Worth it.

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Holy shit @NHLFlyers these new digs are classy. Can you please send @GrittyNHL up here tho? Pleeeease 🙏


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Baseball is better than other sports because there’s baseball almost every day for like 6 months straight. Wtf is this 5 days off in a row shit @NHLFlyers?

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10 sacks. My god. Ten. 10. T-e-n. 10.


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Ok but @ZERTZ_86 and @julieertz is relationship goals

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Ok but how do I make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat

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October schedule mobile wallpapers for @NHLFlyers and @sixers!

More sizes here:
- ( #Flyers)
- ( #Sixers)

#WallpaperWednesday #FlyOrDie #HereTheyCome #76ers

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What the heck am I supposed to do with my nights from 7-10pm for the next 5 months?

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Replying to @Phillies: "I believe in this organization. I believe in this city. And we will reign again."

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"I believe in this organization. I believe in this city. And we will reign again."

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An Andrew Knapp strikeout to end the season at exactly .500. I can’t think of a more fitting ending.

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Thank you Harper chants out in right field ❤️

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Quoted @MattGelb

Oh my god. The dude with the Phanatic belly-button tattoo just stole the shirt off the Phanatic's back and took off his own shirt.

#Phillies twitter, please help me find this man and convince him to do a reddit AMA on r/Phillies, please. The world needs this to happen.

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