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Democracy Savage - Born Thomas Elmer Addison Pain - July 4th, 1976

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Worse than Trump? Not possible.

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Nixon didn't have a Republican Party that was as corrupt as he was.

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Quoted @Acosta

Trump can be seen talking to AG Barr and WH Counsel Cipollone prior to departing WH for his rally in Louisiana this evening.

How much you bet some of the words rhyme with Chuliani?

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Trump is America’s number one security threat.

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Less like "admittin'", more like "braggin'."

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Just a little mob humor among friends.

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.@GOPLeader: "Those witnesses did rely on their expertise though to underscore how much safer Ukraine is under this administration with President Trump."

Tea Pain had a horrible dream last night. He dreamed he’d been accused of murder and @RepMarkMeadows was his court-appointed attorney.

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Trump can’t recall it, so he can’t deny it.

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Quoted @JustinAHorwitz

Steve King is promoting a conspiracy theory that George Soros' son is the whistleblower.

Wait. White Supremacist Steve King declares the whistleblower is Jewish? We did Nazi that comin’!

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Quoted @thehill

#BREAKING: Second US official heard call suggesting Trump cared more about "investigations" than Ukraine: report

Dems are gonna squeeze Sondland so hard, he's gonna pop like a pimple on national television. That should bring a little "pizzazz" to the hearings. Right @NBCNews?

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Boom-Boom! Out go the lights!

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Quoted @jpaceDC

BREAKING (AP) — AP source: 2nd US embassy official overheard President Trump’s call with Sondland about need for Ukraine investigations.

Whooohooo! The Truth has a way of comin' out, don't it?

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Perhaps we should get Trump an impeachment colorin' book?

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"Bribery" should be the first word outta every Dem's mouth when asked about Impeachment. It's literally one of the few crimes mentioned specifically by name in the Constitution.

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Attention @IRS. Franklin Graham is literally beggin' for a 5 year audit.

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Like that sex offender in the Ohio State boy's shower room, Jim Jordan did see this comin' either.

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Resign? Heck, Trump probably gave him a raise.

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Tea Pain ain't no expert, but is it really a good idea to let the next election resolve concerns about the guy who's spent the last two years tryin' to rig it?

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