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Everything we care about is on the ballot — climate change, health care, immigrant rights, civil rights, good-paying jobs, gun safety, and so much more. We are working every day to elect Democrats who are fighting for our values. Join us: Text 'JOIN' to 43367.

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Replying to @SeemaNanda: Inspired to be with local leaders in these Philadelphia suburbs who fielded great candidates, organized early, led with inc…

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Today, we were at #SCOTUS as they heard oral arguments challenging Trump’s decision to rescind #DACA. As Democrats, we will never stop fighting to give Dreamers the opportunity to succeed and live without fear in the country they call home.

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Replying to @bluestate: Curious how organizations like @WFPUSA & @TheDemocrats are building some of the most successful digital marketing programs i…

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We need strong, diverse voices in offices at every level, all across the country. The person who makes a difference could very well be you. #NationalRunforOfficeDay

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Today, @TheDemocrats CEO @SeemaNanda is in PA meeting leaders who delivered historic wins in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties.

We’re discussing the kitchen-table issues and organizing that won in 2019 and how to build on that success statewide in 2020!

Inspired to be with local leaders in these Philadelphia suburbs who fielded great candidates, organized early, led with inclusivity, good governance, and their values, and turned Bucks, Chester and Delaware Counties blue for first time in generations— and Montgomery bluer!

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Curious how organizations like @WFPUSA & @TheDemocrats are building some of the most successful digital marketing programs in the industry? Check out our #FromTheDeskOf series, where we sit down with marketing leaders to share their insights with you.

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We’re ready to organize and win everywhere.

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Hello everyone! Welcome to our #DACA Town Hall! We've teamed up with @FWDus and @NILC to break down the Supreme Court ( #SCOTUS) case. What does this mean for you? How can you help? We're here to answer all of your questions! #HomeIsHere

@UofCalifornia @cjrotunno Have more questions about the #DACA cases? Check out @FWDus and @NILC ‘s #DACA Town Hall thread where they break down the #SCOTUS cases and answer questions. #HomeIsHere ⤵️

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@UofCalifornia @cjrotunno Since 2012, #DACA has provided work authorization and protection from deportation to 800,000 young people, allowing them to better support themselves and their families. #HomeIsHere

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@UofCalifornia @cjrotunno 86 metro areas in the U.S. are home to *at least* 1,000 #DACA recipients. These individuals make our communities and our country stronger. Join us today at rallies across the country to support them. #HomeIsHere

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@UofCalifornia @cjrotunno #DACA recipients and their households hold $24.1 billion in spending power and pay $2.9 billion in mortgage and rent payments each year. They are integral members of our communities. We support #HomeIsHere. #NuestroHogar

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@UofCalifornia @cjrotunno #DACA recipients make valuable contributions to our economy, paying $5.7 billion in federal taxes and $3.1 billion in state and local taxes each year. They are a vital part of our communities. #HomeIsHere

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@UofCalifornia .@cjrotunno’s familia & friends fundraised for two #DACA renewal scholarships. 98K recipients’ protections are set to expire if they don’t renew by the end of 2019. As we head to SCOTUS, recipients should continue to renew their protections. For more info:

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As a @UofCalifornia student, I’m proud of the role my college plays in defending #DACA students before the SCOTUS.

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#DACA recipients are integral members of our communities, have lived the majority of their lives here, and should have the opportunity to continue contributing to their communities without the constant threat of deportation. We're proud to stand with them.

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We are thrilled to join civic leaders across the U.S. in support of #DACA recipients. DACA recipients have built their lives here and their #HomeIsHere.

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Hi, we’re @cjrotunno, the DNC Latinx political director, and @davidochoad8, a DNC intern. We’re taking over the DNC’s Twitter account today as the Supreme Court hears oral arguments on #DACA.

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Happy Veterans Day! Today and every day, Democrats are proud to honor our nation’s veterans and Gold Star families. We will continue fighting for the employment, job training, health care, and other benefits our veterans deserve.

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We are less than a year away from the 2020 election. That’s less than a year to do everything we can to win statehouses across the country, fortify & expand our House majority, #FlipTheSenate, & take back the White House. Add your name if you’re with us:

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When you support Democrats, you support a better, fairer, and brighter future for every American, not just those at the top.

We are Democrats, and this is what we’re fighting for:

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