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📢📢📢📢EPISODE 501

Official @Starz Podcast with @TheMattBRoberts
(Great info all about the episode)

➡️ …

Apologies for the solo podcast — that won’t happen again, I promise. In future podcasts you’ll hear from many of the S5 writers.

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The Jamie of the Ridge … a reflection on Outlander 5.01 “The Fiery Cross”

We try out best, Beth. Thank you

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#TheMacKenzies are here on this week’s #Outlander @Outlander_STARZ and the @STARZ App

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Ep 501 script is available (with annotations) ... for you’re (between episodes) reading pleasure 😉

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@TheMattBRoberts Whenever I want it to say ‘of’ it spells ‘it’ and whenever I want it to say ‘it’ it spells ‘of’... my auto correct hates me!😠

No worries. They call me King Typos (not a cool Greek god)

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How many times have you watch the #Outlander S5 premiere? Still time for a few more views before Ep502 #betweentwofires — it’s just a couple days away...

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Big #Outlander shout out to @jongarysteele and his Art Dept team — genius! Thanks for the making our make-believe believable!!

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There's so much more to come. #Outlander

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Stand by my hand West Coast... #Outlander is back!

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With cheese

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@TheMattBRoberts @Outlander_STARZ No we are up for #RogerAndBree or #TheMacKenzies. Broger is the name the haters use to dump on them.

Well let’s take it back then and use it in positive light. #RogerandBree #TheMacKenzies #broger #Roganna

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Who’s up for some #Broger tonight? That will be my one and only attempt at a name combo #thanksforplaying #Outlander @Outlander_STARZ

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@TheMattBRoberts I’m the anxious type-any idea when S6 will start filming?

Don’t be anxious — I know exactly when S6 filming begins.

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For those asking:
March 2nd @SassenachSpirit will be released in the US!!
Sign up here for reminder when it’s released in your state. EU and UK to follow!

I might have to give everyone March 3rd off — #bestkindahangover #slainte #cantwait

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@TheMattBRoberts Mr. Roberts, you've outdone yourself.
In the world of online fan sites where nobody agrees on much of anything, everyone agreed this episode was perfect. Thanks.

#Outlander fans agreeing? It must be a Valentine’s Day miracle 😉🥰

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#Outlander #Outlander5 #TheFieryCross Hope you’re enjoying the S5 premiere... it’s going to be an emotional season.

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No traffic in Los Angeles— everyone must be watching @Outlander_STARZ premiere Ep501 on the @STARZ app

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SURPRISE! 🎉That's right, you heard us, clan. We're dropping the first episode of #Outlander Season 5 EARLY. Watch it tonight at 12AM EST on the @STARZ App.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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@7_polk @TheMattBRoberts You sound like Toni G 😍🥰

Not true, Toni is at least three octaves higher than me.

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