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Currently very isolated so tweeting keeps me sane and touch wood sober ,music lover all things horror,games tester and freelance writer of adds, #OMBL.W/4

Northern Ireland, United Kingd

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"Stormzy’s photograph goes on display at the National Portrait Gallery" I hope he's laughing at this being a bums on seat move you gotta but up @Eminem for fairs it'll the only time they are equal #TeamEminem

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"Justin Timberlake issues public apology for holding hands with Alisha Wainwright" HoldGate Yes ill hold

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#UnknownConspiracyTheories Apple is owned bf GOV

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#WhyImNotANinja I'm on seconds

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#LesserKnownSantas Claus and effect

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#ISeemToRemember I was writing someth

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#MyFavoritePairOfSocks just socks no pair

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Let's bring in the #FrenchProtesters out the front of #Westminster the next time their is a #YawnEvent #Defo for thec #Election to fire up the mobs even the #DogsAtPolls

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#FunDangerIncludes Takeing to much certain prescription drugs

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#RoastThe90s I'm still waiting on my porn from the nineties to load

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