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Damian pretending that is a present bow and not a bow tie from his drawer is driving me insane

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The first season of love is blind before the weddings should have been black screens for us so we would also be blind oooooooo shit

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The job titles on “love is blind” are so broad. “General manager”? Like of a baseball team or a ralph’s? Scientist? Why even tell us anything

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fruity toots lunch box decoration station was a hit! def some questionable stickers though, fyi don’t order the “sassy teen” pack prob my only regret

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great day today with @baby2baby, @maneaddicts and da bears!!

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I had to mute this because I have never laughed so hard at something so dumb

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4 guys on love is blind look exactly the same and it’s making it difficult for my viewing

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done with “love is blind” ohhhh my god what now

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@chrissyteigen @cryinginriteaid @joeblackzw .@chrissyteigen seems like she would be too drunk, high or slothful to clean the hamster cage. I'd bet John cleans it.

I thought I’ve heard it all but slothful is new, thank you

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@chrissyteigen Come on now! Your animals are like humans and need to be treated with respect as well as you would a human! Their family in my home. @chrissyteigen Makes me sad to hear parents are allowing kids to mistreat animals.

??? it is not in danger what the fuck

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no I refuse. I will make take this show on the road and we will perform shows

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@chrissyteigen No. Too rough.

U guys are so annoying and complain about every fucking thing in the world. can you hear yourselves? Please listen to yourselves. this hamster is rich and thriving and performing opera

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riveting Friday

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. @chrissyteigen please add pasta scissors to your @cravings collection


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What fruit/vegetable do you think you could throw the farthest? I think my answer is an avocado. Apple is close, but the slip factor is too high. I think I could absolutely GUN an avocado

Absolutely avocado. Waxy orange would also launch

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4 years & 2 kids later, I stillllll wonder if I’m doing it right. Proud to be part of @Pampers mission to remind moms they’re amazing 💛💛 #ShareTheLove #PampersPartner

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Skip all the baggage fees at the airport with this luggage jacket

love to wear an extra 30 pounds walking to delta gate 148

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