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As someone who's personally dealt with cancer, I hate how @MeghanKEdmonds is making a mockery of it. Very dark. @Andy

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You're over stepping your boundary Meghan. @MeghanKEdmonds @Bravotv

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So pissed at @TamraBarney for not sticking up for Vicki yet again. Disgusting @Andy @Bravotv

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I hate how dark this season is because of @MeghanKEdmonds. I miss @GretchenRossi @Andy @Bravotv

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This is just too dark and unsettling. I don't like this type of drama..@ShannonBeador @MeghanKEdmonds @Bravotv @Andy @TamraBarney

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Yes she did break girl code! It's weird @MeghanKEdmonds @HeatherDubrow

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I think it's 100% breaking girl code when your friends with your FRIENDS ex husbands new wife.. Duh @HeatherDubrow @Bravotv @Andy

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So precious #TeamGreenberg love you guys! Amazing scene and beautiful office.. Well done Dr. g! Love your kind heart Gail. #SecretsandWives

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happy fourth to my fav north shore Long Island ladies @Corigoldfarb @amydmillerr @SusanDoneson @Gailygreenberg @theandiblack @TheLizaSandler

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#SecretsandWives sneak peek on bravo now! Love these ladies! Summer by bravo! #TeamGreenberg @Gailygreenberg @Corigoldfarb @SusanDoneson

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I can't believe what an awful person @HeatherDubrow was last season. I'm so disgusted re watching it. So jealous is Miss Beador @Andy

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If @TamraBarney attacks Vicki this season I am not watching!TheOgVickiG @vgunvalson @Andy #NoFamilyVans #Woohoo #insurance #dontsayvagina

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So disappointing this season. Kandi where's your loyalty?? @Kandi @Andy

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Finding out @GiulianaRancic doesn't write her own jokes on fashion police is like saying there's no Santa. Disappointed in the fraud

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@shelleycarbone: If I see one more pic of Chrissy Teigen I'm gonn hurl! #iwantherpublicist #overexposure #whatsyourtalent?” @chrissyteigen

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Thankful I'm an only child. @KimRichards11 and @KyleRichards have no loyalty to each other. Who needs sisters like that @Andy

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Look where @KyleRichards goes.. Even though @KimRichards11 was wrong. Check to see if your sister is ok

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Replying to @usweekly: This Duggar don't care! Jim Bob says the petition to cancel #19KidsAndCounting will just "give us more exposure."…

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This Duggar don't care! Jim Bob says the petition to cancel #19KidsAndCounting will just "give us more exposure."

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